Even CNN Admits Things Not Looking Good for Biden, Then Comer Drops More Damning Info

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As we reported, the House Oversight Committee says it now has evidence showing that the Biden family received more than a million dollars in relation to a payout from a Chinese company with ties to the CCP.


Among the accounts that received the money were companies related to Jim Biden (Joe’s brother) and Hunter Biden (Joe’s son), as well as an account for Hallie Biden (Beau Biden’s widow and Hunter Biden’s former girlfriend). There was also another account, just marked “Biden” which may pertain to yet a fourth Biden.

Even CNN was forced to cover it and admit that it didn’t look good for Joe Biden. You know that’s bad for Joe Biden when they have to admit the truth.

Yes, to most Americans it doesn’t look good either and it shouldn’t when you’re getting money from CCP-related folks for unclear reasons and this is just after Joe Biden left being vice president. Was it a payoff for services rendered? Or a payoff for services to come? Those are the natural questions that people would ask and it raises a huge flag about Biden being compromised through his family and/or through his own involvement.

As we noted, Joe Biden has claimed to know nothing about his son’s business. That of course is a lie, as we’ve shown. But he also claimed during a debate in 2020 that his son didn’t get money from China.


This evidence blows that up too, because not only was Hunter’s companies getting money, but other Biden family members were as well.

Biden also claimed on Friday that it wasn’t true that his family had gotten such a payout, despite the evidence to the contrary. Perhaps he’d like to explain the evidence then and who the “unnamed” Biden account is.

But it gets worse for Biden.

As Rep. James Comer explained to Fox’s Maria Bartiromo on Sunday, this was “just the beginning” as they’ve just started going through all the records they’ve now received. He also outlined another concerning message in relation to the CCP-related Biden payout.

Comer explained how Joe Biden made trips to China, took his son and some of his associates with him and Biden met with some of the people he claims that he never met with. So Comer said we know Biden hasn’t been truthful about what went on when he was vice president.


But from talking to former associates that were involved with Hunter Biden, Comer said they knew the “Biden family had agreed to help China do was get their foot in the door” in terms of the American energy industry and even to help in buying American farmland. We’re seeing all this, as we now are concerned about the growing Chinese interests in the American economy.

Yes there was a message that Hunter was very frustrated with one of these business partners in China, that he had done every blanking thing they had ever asked of him. And, of course, this would have been when Joe Biden was vice president, and he reminded them that they had never done anything in return for him, and then a few weeks later, this $3 million wire appears in the Robinson Walker account, and the very next day they distributed money to Hunter Biden and then at least two other family members and possibly three family members. So there’s evidence in the laptop that shows that Hunter Biden was communicating with them and had interactions and done things for them while his father was vice president.

That’s “very concerning,” Comer said, that Joe Biden might have done things for the Chinese while he was vice president.

I don’t think the White House ever dreamed we would get bank records. I’ve got bad news for the White House: This is just the beginning. We’re going to get a lot more bank records and they’re going to have to continue to backpedal and come up with some type of reason why the Biden family’s received millions and millions of dollars from our adversaries.


Bartiromo agreed and noted all kinds of Chinese concerns from the spy balloon to Chinese nationals flooding the border, and then Biden didn’t immediately respond to the spy balloon and hasn’t held them accountable for COVID. “How much do they have on Joe Biden?” Bartiromo asked.

There are a lot of big questions here and this is just what we have at this point. Prepare for still more as Comer works his way through the other deals and more evidence.


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