Dems Humiliate Themselves During Twitter Hearing With Question That Brings Down the House

Democrats and the Biden administration have been busted, through the release of the Twitter files, with their involvement in trying to censor information on the platform. They don’t have any real defense for what they’ve done and operating to suppress speech in concert with Twitter raises all kinds of Constitutional questions.


So what did they do in response? They’re not very bright. They’re going after the Twitter Files reporters, demanding to know who their sources are. Democrats were already stepping over the line, not just with Twitter, but with Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) threatening Tucker Carlson and Fox, so by targeting more media, they were just digging themselves a deeper anti-constitutional hole.

We covered some of the hearings where they went after Twitter Files reporters calling them “so-called journalists” and trying to get one of them — Matt Taibbi — to give up his sources, but he wouldn’t do it. It just made the Democrats look evil that they even tried to do something so disgusting.

But they also revealed how ignorant they were of how anything worked. Here’s Rep. Sylvia Garcia (D-TX) not seeming to understand that the Twitter Files are posted on Twitter. You can see Rep. Daniel Goldman (D-NY) looking like he wants to try to help her at one point but she’s just clueless.

She didn’t know what Substack was.


That’s probably good because if they knew, they’d probably try to control that too.

Twitter head Elon Musk had a good laugh at that one.

Not everyone knows what Substack is. But why is she on this Committee and asking questions if she doesn’t know anything about what she’s inquiring about?

However, there was one moment during the hearing where they managed to completely humiliate themselves and the reporters couldn’t help but laugh at them. Rep. Garcia asked Taibbi who journalist Bari Weiss was. She’s one of the reporters who covered one of the Twitter Files stories. But Garcia didn’t stop there. Because she had no idea how the Twitter Files has unfolded, she was trying to plumb the relationship that they had with Weiss, which is that she’s another reporter reporting one of the stories that they are friendly with. It’s not hard. But it was very hard for Garcia, as she demonstrated with a rather awkward question to journalist Michael Shellenberger.

She asked if they were a “threesome.” You can see that brought down the house behind Shellenberger. He and Taibbi tried to hold it together, but they couldn’t help laughing at Garcia. He answered, in kind with a little bit of a grin, that there were “many more people involved in it.”


Weiss and Musk, who were not there, also got a great laugh out of it.

This is so emblematic of the Democrats — they don’t know what’s going on, but they do know that whatever it is, they want to control it.


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