Schiff's Panic on Parade: Joins Schumer in Trying to Shut Down Tucker and Fox

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We saw Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) — even before the Tucker Carlson Jan. 6 video footage coverage started — threatening Fox and saying that he had a right and an obligation to tell them what to report. It was a stunning attack on Constitutional freedoms, even as he ironically claimed they had to suppress speech to preserve “democracy.” After Carlson’s first report, Schumer then demanded that Rupert Murdoch shut him down and not let him do a second night because our “democracy depends on it.”


It isn’t our “democracy that depends on it,” it’s their narrative and their power that requires it. That’s what’s teetering on the cliff and failing.

Now, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) is joining Schumer in threatening Fox and he tweeted the clip of what he said to Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC. He’s encouraging a boycott against Fox here to shut them down, against the “divisive, sociopathic liars.”

Imagine Schiff calling anyone else a “divisive, sociopathic liar” — it’s practically his middle name. Talk about projection, as my colleague Mike Miller points out.

Why would they be afraid of more transparency? How panicked are they? This again makes it clear. What did Carlson do? He showed a video they would not, that they refused to release. Why didn’t they release it, now we see there are things they didn’t want us to see. You even have them weirdly trying to backpedal saying their lawmakers didn’t even watch the video. So isn’t it time we all got to see what happened, not just what the Jan. 6 Committee selectively put out there? If they didn’t even watch all this video — according to them — just what is their opinion worth on it?


Aren’t these also the same folks who attacked former President Donald Trump for calling CNN “fake news,” saying that was an attack on democracy and free speech? Yet Trump wasn’t trying to shut CNN down as these characters are trying to do to Tucker Carlson and Fox, he was simply expressing an accurate opinion.

This is all about taking down their political opponents. They think Fox gives their political opponents support. If they can take them down, they damage the power of their opponents. It’s that simple. It’s ironic though that he goes on O’Donnell’s show to make his point and then tweets out what he said, people don’t watch O’Donnell. They watch Fox. That’s what this is about.

These folks swore an oath to uphold the Consitution, but they don’t seem to give a darn about that. And where are the Republicans? We saw Republicans just joining in the criticism of Fox, rather than asking questions about the political manipulation by the Democrats and the efforts to squelch speech. That’s shameful too. This isn’t about denying that there was violence or a riot — that’s the Democratic lie about what Carlson said, he never said that. Republicans need to address the effort to shut down speech here and stand up for the Constitution.



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