Biden's Border Visit Blows Back on Him With a Couple of 'What the Heck?' Moments

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

As we previously reported, Joe Biden made a hit-and-run visit to the border on Sunday and check it off his list so he wouldn’t keep being attacked for not having done it.


However, it didn’t end up making too many people happy. Republicans believed it was all for show and even a local reporter called it a “dog and pony show.” Meanwhile, it didn’t even make all the Democrats happy. Some were upset that he didn’t meet with any of the illegal aliens at the El Paso Migrant Services Center. A Biden official said that there were none at the Center while Biden was there. Just a coincidence, nothing to do with his people helping to move migrants out of the area before his visit. For some on the left, he was concentrating too much on visiting with the CBP and “enforcement.” How dare he pretend to do that! For them, this should be about how to let in as many people as possible, not how to enforce our laws and secure the border.

But Joe Biden being Joe Biden, there were, of course, a couple of “What the heck?” moments. While he didn’t manage to trip over any of the hundreds of illegal aliens who had been living all over the streets before his visit, Joe did meet with some of the NGOs and officials who were helping out with them, including the Salvation Army.


Biden was led over to some Salvation Army members, “And here we have folks from the Salvation Army.” He shakes the hand of one of the guys and then says, “I spent some time with the Secret Service in Poland and Ukraine.”

At this point, I’m not even sure what the heck is going on with him. Is he confusing the Salvation Army with the Secret Service? The Secret Service and the Salvation Army are two different things. Both have some utility, but hardly the same thing, and until now, I’m not sure that anyone in their right mind would ever have confused the two. Or is he saying he was part of the Secret Service, which is what someone might usually mean if they say “I spent some time with the Secret Service”? All I know is that it doesn’t make any sense, given what was going on. You can look at the face of the Salvation Army guy and it’s something else. He did his best, poor man, responding to Biden, “Oh, yeah.”


Then they could have had Biden go to a lot of places to experience the real issues of the border. But he didn’t go to any of the heavily over-run areas so it’s hard to know if he got any real sense of it. Instead, the place that they felt most comfortable taking him was where there was a big honking Trump wall right behind him for his photo-op. I’m not sure he got how much that tended to blow up all his narrative. If the border wall does nothing, why is that where he was walking? What a great endorsement of the worth of the wall and undermining of his arguments.


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