Biden Finally Does a Hit-and Run Border 'Dog and Pony Show'

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We’ve been wondering if Joe Biden’s visit to the border was going to be a real visit to the border, and not just a hit-and-run photo-op to El Paso like Kamala Harris did last year. Looks like the word is in. Mostly a photo op, although he is doing a little bit more than Harris did.


According to Fox, he was just going to spend a few hours in El Paso and meet with border officials to talk about illegal immigration and the trafficking of fentanyl. He’s scheduled to visit the El Paso County Migrant Services Center as well as meet with nonprofits and religious groups that help deal with the massive influx of illegal aliens. But he is scheduled to go to the Bridge of the Americas that joins El Paso with Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, one of the busiest ports of entry into the country. Biden is going to the official “border,” although he’s not going to the areas where illegal aliens are pouring across the border so he’s not going to see the real problem.

First, Biden met with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott who welcomed him but also handed him a letter that took him to task for how much he’d failed everyone for the past two years on the subject and how much needed to be addressed.

Abbott pointed out how under President Donald Trump, there were “historically low levels of illegal immigration” (after he worked hard to put a lot of things into place) while under Joe Biden, you had “the worst illegal immigration in the history of our country.”


“His trip is $20 billion too little & 2 years too late,” Abbott tweeted. “I’m calling on Biden to do his constitutional duty to protect our nation.”

Abbott said in the letter when Biden “finished the photo-op,” he had a job to do — to comply with and enforce the laws he had been ignoring.

You can see in this report as this reporter notes Biden isn’t going to be going to see the areas that were in problems in El Paso, where illegal aliens were living in the streets, that had received the quick clean-up. Looks like they aren’t even going to risk any views of that, even with the clean-up.

This reporter notes how the Bridge of the Americas isn’t dealing with most of the issues, and that this was very much a “dog and pony show.”


“It doesn’t get to the heart of the issue,” he said.

But at least Biden did get a good view of the CBP parking lot.

As we reported, even the Border Patrol Union has had enough and mocked him, saying he could have just visited Des Moines after the clean-up. They said this was all about putting on a good face to the Democratic mayors who have been complaining about having illegal aliens shipped to them. But if all he does is the photo-op, he isn’t going to be able to stop the problem and it’s still going to continue to dog him.


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