Biden Has Troubling Moment as Israeli Leader Has to Guide Him to His Seat

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

Joe Biden has been in Israel and it’s been a challenging time for him.

The minute he landed he appeared confused asking, “What am I doing now?” He then managed to insult Holocaust survivors with another gaffe.


Then he gave an interview to an Israeli news station where he got snippy with a reporter and lied about the great peace achievements that President Donald Trump had achieved in the Middle East, claiming that he’d withdrawn from the Middle East. Biden also hilariously gaffed when he tried to blast the “Mega Party,” inadvertently building up the GOP and making it sound great.

On Thursday, he revealed that he’d been given a list of reporters to call on and continued to lie about Trump withdrawing from the Middle East.

Doesn’t he know that the Israelis know differently and had a great appreciation for all that Trump did to support them? Far more than Barack Obama or Joe Biden ever did. He doesn’t seem to care about how those lies might go over. But that doesn’t stop Biden from making comments that only make him look petty.

Biden spoke during his remarks with Israeli President Issac Herzog about how he had been in the federal government for 50 years.


Yes, it’s that long and it shows, badly. Biden had a disturbing moment as he and President Issac Herzog finished their remarks and went to take their seats.

As Biden turned to his right, he had his hand out, again looking like the time when people thought that he might have been shaking hands with the air. Then, he seems to point, as though he doesn’t understand which is his seat. Herzog had to come over to help him, pointing and physically moving him to the right seat as Biden appears confused and shuffles forward, with his impaired gait. Then he lowers himself slowly into the seat, like the elderly grandfather he is and the comparison to how the younger and more vibrant Herzog sits is striking.

RNC Research notes the comment of White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain about Joe Biden, “His fitness, his vigor, is beyond question.” Except we have eyes and we know how much of a lie that is — and what a danger to our national security it is — that we have someone in that role in that diminished condition. It’s embarrassing that allied leaders have to help him to find his seat or tell him what’s happening when he doesn’t seem to know, as German Prime Minister Olof Scholz did at the G-7. U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson even shushed him when he was getting something wrong at the G-7 the year before. Imagine someone doing that, treating the alleged leader of the free world like a five-year-old speaking out of turn. It’s the very opposite of “vigor.”


If that’s how our friends deal with him, what must our enemies be thinking when they see things like that?


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