Joe Biden Trips Over His 'List of Names' Again, Brazenly Lies About Donald Trump

Joe Biden landed in Israel on Wednesday, kicking off a series of legs in the Middle East, and things immediately went off the rails. The president got confused on the tarmac, insulting a female servicemember before proclaiming the Holocaust was something to be “honored” because he can’t read his notes properly.


Did a good night’s sleep help the president’s state? Apparently not, as he once again got confused while giving a joint press conference on Thursday. The Israeli Prime Miniter tries to push Biden along to answer a question he’s been asked, but the president appears dumbfounded before stating that he’s got a “list of names” to call on.

This has happened so many times, and I have no idea why Biden’s handlers haven’t told him to stop telling everyone he’s got a list of names. It is not normal for a president to have questions pre-selected for him, and that’s exactly what’s happening here. Why else even have a list if they aren’t aware of what will be asked? And the list of names always focuses on far-left, major media outlets like Reuters, CNN, and The New York Times, all entities the White House knows won’t press him on anything.


Far from projecting strength on the international stage, these confusing scenes project abject weakness to our adversaries. The President of the United States can’t even do a press conference without it being scripted out for him, and even then, he can’t get it right. Does anyone think Vladimir Putin doesn’t pay attention to this stuff? I can assure you that he does.

Moving past Biden’s mental decline, he also decided to repeat a brazen lie about Donald Trump and the Middle East.

As RedState reported previously, the president first told this lie while doing an interview with an Israeli reporter. Not a single fact-check was put out by the media in response, so I suppose he felt it was safe to tell it again.


The Trump administration delivered the Abraham Accords, the most important Middle East peace deal in modern history. Relations between Israel and multiple Arab nations opened up after its signing. Given that, who really walked away from the Middle East? That would be none other than Joseph Robinette Biden, who burned Afghanistan to the ground, causing the deaths of 13 US service members, in his rush to leave. He also destroyed relations with Saudi Arabia in a flaccid attempt to appease Iran. The Middle East is objectively worse off today than it was when Biden took office.

Those are facts the current president can’t hide, no matter how many lies he tells in the process.


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