Biden Gets Snippy With Reporter in Israel, Hilariously Makes Gaffe Building up GOP

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

Joe Biden is visiting Israel. As we reported, it didn’t start off well, with him being confused and insulting Holocaust victims.

But it didn’t stop there. Someone on the Biden team thought it would be good for him to give an interview to an Israeli outlet, N12 News. Maybe Biden’s team thought that the American audience wouldn’t see it. No such luck; we got it.


Biden spoke about the three reasons he ran for president.

“I said I was running for three reasons and no one in my campaign agreed…,” Biden said. Alrighty, now. Does he mean even his people had issues with his reasons for running? Or were they even questioning him running? Do tell. Doesn’t that say a lot?

What’s funny about that is that he’s had problems even enunciating those reasons in the past. He claimed his reasons were to (1) restore the soul of this country, to restore “decency and honor” and (2) to rebuild the backbone of the country, which he seemed to define as the middle-class. Then he seemed to forget the third one. But given his many lies, his train wreck of a son, and those concerning connections to Russia and China, not to mention how much he has harmed the middle class with inflation, I would say he did the exact opposite.

Then there was this piece of confusion.


But it got worse.

“[Russia’s war in Ukraine] can take months, it can take years?” the interviewer asked. “It could,” Biden replied. “You think the war could take years?” she asked. Then he got snippy with her, “No, you said that. you said it could, ok?” Then he said, “No, it could.” What the heck is going on in his mind? And he wants to continually fund it, for however long it’s going to take, too–regardless of our own needs.

But if that wasn’t delusional enough, there was this huge lie — Biden suggesting that the last Administration “walked away from the Middle East.”

There was probably no president in recent memory who has done more to bring peace to the Middle East than Donald Trump; everyone in Israel knows that. Meanwhile, the Obama-Biden team has emboldened and enriched Iran with a horrible deal that they are still trying to push, regardless of the threats to Israel and America from Iran.


But then Biden had a truly funny moment, in which he didn’t even seem to understand what he was saying, but he managed to hilariously build up Trump, talking about the Republican Party being a “Mega Party.”

With people fleeing the Democratic Party and the Republicans on the rise, Joe is finally right about something. They will be even more “mega” in the November elections–when they wipe out the Democrats. The “Mega Party” is going to be great.


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