Biden Gets Embarrassed at the G-7, as His Numbers Tumble to Lowest Ever

When you get older, your reaction time generally tends to slow. That’s not a rap on anyone older, that’s just a fact of life that we all will have to face at some point. But then we’re not all the alleged leader of the free world where it may be critically important to not be slow to react, but rather to be able to understand what is going on around us without note cards and to be able to coherently speak.


Joe Biden is in Germany for the meeting of the G-7 — where Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States get together to talk about common concerns. On the agenda for this meeting among other issues is the war in Ukraine.

But during the meeting, video picked up an embarrassing moment that hit right on that topic I was talking about — that failure to react in time. Photographers are trying to get the attention of the leaders for a group shot. Everyone in the room realizes it quickly and turns toward the photographers. You can hear them shouting, yet, still, Joe doesn’t react. Finally, the German leader has to get his attention and tell Biden to turn around.

“Joe? Will you just turn a bit?” Olaf Scholz has to say. Joe finally turns around.

Now the problem is that this isn’t just a one-time thing. He had a similar issue last year at the G-7, where Boris Johnson had just introduced the president of South Africa along with other guests at the meeting. Biden interrupted to say they needed to recognize the “president of South Africa,” despite Johnson just doing that. Johnson put his arm out a couple of times to shush Joe like a child.


Talk about embarrassing. The problem with this type of event is that it’s not Biden’s people in charge of it, so his people aren’t able to manage Joe as much in this environment and the problems can be even more glaring. We saw how they even have to give him note cards even to explain when he has to sit and when he has to thank people, treating him like he needs to have his hand held at every step.

Unfortunately, this failure to react quickly or correctly isn’t just in situations like this — we’ve seen it across the board when it comes to Biden’s reactions to a range of policy problems — from the debacle of the withdrawal from Afghanistan to his failure to acknowledge inflation for a long time or how his actions contributed to it.

It’s why his polling numbers are in the basement and why a massive number of Americans don’t think things are going well.

The new Real Clear Politics average has him at his lowest average polling ever now — at 39.1 percent approval, 56.4 disapproval.


That’s a drop from two weeks ago when he was 39.3 percent approval and 55 percent disapproval.

I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen numbers like this in my life — with such massive amounts. Usually, if you have 60 percent thinking something, that’s a lot, with today’s divisions. But if 81 percent of Americans think things are going badly, that’s massive.

That’s a stake right through any hopes Democrats have for the midterms.


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