Joe Biden Experiences Immediate Confusion in Israel Before Insulting Holocaust Victims

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Every day is a new day, and that means every day represents a new opportunity for President Joe Biden to embarrass himself and the nation he ostensibly leads on the world stage.


The president arrived in Israel on Wednesday for the start of a series of joint meetings in the Middle East. Unfortunately, Biden didn’t even get off the tarmac before things started to go wrong. In fact, his first words after departing the airstairs were “What am I doing now?”

Because nothing projects leadership, confidence, and capability like being confused the moment you step off the jet, right? He just looks so old, probably because he is so old, and every public appearance seems worse than the last. I’m not even necessarily talking about what comes out of his mouth, though we’ll get to that in a moment. Rather, his entire presentation, physically and mentally, should be concerning to anyone paying attention.

Back to the scene on the tarmac, after taking a few more steps forward, Biden only got more confused. He insulted a female Israeli servicemember while being led around like a grandpa at a nursing home. Actually, there’s a pretty good chance most people in assisted living are in better condition than this.


I was going to make a joke here about the female servicemember not being young enough for Biden to sniff (that happened again recently), but again, I think his physical appearance in that clip is the bigger story. This is not a man healthy enough to be president. He’s not even healthy enough to be a door greeter at Wal-Mart.

Things didn’t get any better after Biden started to speak, either. While attempting to comment on the Holocaust, he blurted out that it was an act of “truth and honor.”

I’d ask how he managed to make that mistake given he’s got a script to read right in front of him that no doubt has a triple-digit font, but we all know how he made it. The President of the United States is senile. Even before his flub about “truth and honor,” he mispronounced the name of a city in Israel he was attempting to cite. He also screwed up his pacing after mentioning the genocide of six million Jews, sounding like he was saying we must “continue” it before doubling back to clarify that he meant “we must continue to bear witness.”


And while Biden’s constant face-planting is entertaining in some sense, it’s also deeply dangerous for the country he leads. The United States has become a laughing stock, with tyranny on the march across the globe in the face of his fecklessness and weakness. We are talking about a man who can’t even walk without being physically led around by his handlers. Does anyone think Xi Jinping fears Joe Biden? Heck, his Secret Service agents are probably days away from investing in one of those kid leashes for the president.

This can’t go on for another two-and-a-half years. There’s just no way. Something has to give, whether it’s Biden’s health or those around him saying enough is enough.


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