The Left's 'Ron DeSantis Is Missing' Conspiracy Just Blew Back on Them

Executive Office of the Governor, State of Florida

This seems to be the day for dealing with slimeballs on the left.

First, we had liberal media stalking Sen. Ted Cruz’s 13-year-old daughter’s Tik Tok account to try to attack him, even though she didn’t even say anything particularly controversial. But how slimy to try to use a child in such a way.


Then, there was the conspiracy theory about Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis — yes, another one, don’t they ever stop? Democrats and liberal media have been trying to claim that DeSantis has gone missing. Now, he’s only missing in their minds. But it’s quite something to watch such desperate mania unfold like this. They created a fantasy, completely out of whole cloth. Not only did they claim he was missing; they even claimed that it was probably because he had COVID, based on no evidence at all.

You even had Rep. Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez (D-NY) adding to the slime to try to deflect from the story of her partying down in Florida.

MSNBC host Joy Reid also attacked DeSantis, tweeting: “A governor, not governing during a crisis; and sunning his belly on vacation instead. @GovRonDeSantis is the Nero of Ted Cruzes.”

DeSantis’ spokesperson responded with his official schedule that showed him in the office. As I reported earlier, DeSantis has a schedule that was given out to the media, so they were well aware that he had been working this week and in the office, taking meetings, that he hadn’t gone missing. But most of the media didn’t do anything to dispel the lies from the left. Instead, they just fed the conspiracy.


In addition to the work and being with his family on Christmas, DeSantis also was doing something else this week that they don’t care about either. He was taking his wife to cancer treatment. Yes, they’re attacking a family who is having to deal with a serious medical illness.

Since I’ve been calling out media a lot in this, here are a couple of honest media people – Peter Schorsch of Florida Politics and Jay O’Brien of CBS12 – who confirm that DeSantis was helping his wife and working. The two journalists also chastised people for spreading the conspiracy.


Just how slimy do you have to be to go after him like this with imaginary nonsense, to begin with, but also when his wife is so sick? These people have no shame, and they owe him all kinds of apologies. But because so many of them sold their souls to their party, they’ve forgotten what it’s like to be moral human beings.

Meanwhile, while they’re going after him when DeSantis working and helping his wife, Joe Biden is at the beach as the COVID numbers hit an all-time record and the people on the left aren’t saying squat about that. They don’t care about the inherent contradiction in their actions because it’s all and only about politics.


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