AOC Busted Partying It up in Free Florida as COVID Cases Skyrocket in NYC

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Democratic politicians and media have been slamming Gov. Ron DeSantis throughout the pandemic, claiming he’s left Florida a deathtrap with his response. Of course, that isn’t true, but that hasn’t stopped them from saying it. It also hasn’t stopped folks like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) from fleeing her city while there’s a record number of COVID cases and living it up in the freedom of Florida with her boyfriend.


According to National Review, AOC was spotted dining outside of Doraku Sushi and Izakaya in Miami Beach raising a drink and checking her phone.

In her home city, AOC would have to show a vaccine passport to be able to sit down at a restaurant. In the past week, people were being tossed out of restaurants for not having their papers and arrested if they didn’t leave. In New York City, there are now almost 44,000 cases of COVID. More than 20 percent of the police and 30 percent of the paramedics are out sick, according to the city.

The news of AOC’s getaway immediately caused a reaction on social media given the hypocrisy of it all. Some trended #AOCLovesDeSantis. Others noted AOC’s reaction back in February when Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) took a trip to Cancun during a power crisis in the state, AOC attacked him with nasty and false accusations. “If Sen. Cruz had resigned back in January after helping gin up a violent insurrection that killed several people, he could’ve taken his vacation in peace,” she tweeted then. “Texans should continue to demand his resignation.” She continued to bat at him even two months later, “Ted, this is pretty rich coming from someone who fled their own home (and responsibilities) during an environmental crisis to cross the border and seek refuge in Mexico.” Of course, AOC is not exactly rowing with both oars all the time, such as when she accused Cruz of trying to have her murdered. So how is she feeling about that now that the shoe is on the other foot? Her office was contacted but they weren’t for talking or offering much of an explanation of her hypocrisy.


The reactions were great, particularly from the DeSantis crew.

“Welcome to Florida, AOC!” the Team DeSantis account tweeted. “We hope you’re enjoying a taste of freedom here in the Sunshine State thanks to @RonDeSantisFL’s leadership. P.S. We recommend the Rock Shrimp Roll and the Aoki Tai the next time you decide to dine in Miami. Cheers!”

DeSantis’ spokesperson Christina Pushaw got in on the fun, “Florida is so dangerous & scary that AOC decided to go on vacation in Miami this week…You know it’s a free state when even a Democrat can enjoy cocktails without being forced to show her papers or wear a mask…”

“Imagine the stunning bravery it took for her to enter the hellscape dominated by the iron fist of Deathsantis,” Ben Shapiro tweeted.

This one hit on the disparity, with school kids being forced to eat outside in the cold:


So where is all the media reaction that there was in the case of Ted Cruz? Or is it that they only like to falsely attack Republicans but won’t apply the same standard to Democrats like AOC? But this shows that what Democrats say about Florida they don’t believe if they’re fleeing to the state to party and have a good time. Sure doesn’t look like the death scape that Democrats try to suggest it is. Indeed, it looks like AOC is giving DeSantis and Florida her effective endorsement, showing what a great place Florida is.


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