Left Goes All-in With Latest DeSantis Conspiracy, but It Collapses With a Little Reality

AP Photo/Marta Lavandier

The left and the liberal media has been trying to push a fake story for the past couple of days, trending “WheresRon” on Twitter to suggest that somehow Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis had gone on vacation or that there was something wrong with him during a surge of COVID cases in his state.


They have no evidence that he’s ill or that he’s gone on vacation, but hey, when does the left ever have to adhere to standards or tell the truth? We saw they’ve even gone so low as to stalk Sen. Ted Cruz’s 13-year-old daughter’s Tik Tok account and write about what she says to try to hurt her father.

Now, keep in mind, our fearless incoherent leader Joe Biden hit the heights of COVID cases, setting a record with more cases in the United States than ever before. He then said there was “no federal solution,” booted the press from covering governors asking him questions, told one heck of a lie, and then headed off to the beach. But sure, let’s try to deflect from that with questions about DeSantis.

Unlike Joe Biden who often calls an early lid and spends most weekends in Delaware, DeSantis was at work this week, even with it being a holiday week. While it does appear DeSantis didn’t have any official public schedule for a couple of days around Christmas, as would be normal for just about anyone, he had a variety of meetings and work this week, according to his public schedule. He gives his schedule out to the media, so all this information was available to them before they started pushing conspiracy theories.


His spokesperson, Christina Pushaw, posted his public schedule and put paid to the conspiracy theories.

This was confirmed by another DeSantis communications staffer.


MSNBC’s Joy Reid even pushed the conspiracy.

While DeSantis is not on a vacation, as we reported earlier, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) fled COVID-surging, mandate-crazy New York City for the freer climes of Florida to party down maskless in Miami Beach with her boyfriend. What a great example of how the attack on DeSantis and Florida is so empty — and how hypocritical Democrats are about it all.

Maybe the left needs to look in their backyard for folks going on vacation and leaving their constituents in the lurch. They’re trying to attack DeSantis for the very thing that Joe Biden did, but they don’t see the irony or hypocrisy in it all. They don’t have any issue with AOC and her hypocrisy running to Florida. Notice none of the media is pointing out how she could have gone to such a deathscape as Florida, because then they might have to be honest about Florida and admit it’s a great place. But you know how desperate they are and how little ammo they have on DeSantis, when they have to make up fake conspiracies.



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