CNN Plays 'Gotcha Game' With Fox Over Jan. 6 Texts but Ends up Exposing Themselves

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Rep. Liz Cheney (RINO-WY) and the liberal media were falling all over themselves trying to make something about Mark Meadows texts with Fox hosts and Donald Trump, Jr about Jan. 6. But as we noted, what was most hilarious about it all was that the texts they were trying to make into something showed that no one was in favor of the riot, that everyone was upset and no one had any idea it was coming. That they were trying to use their influence to help stop the riot.


In other words, it blew up the Democrats’ game that somehow the riot was some Trump/GOP plan. But they did what they could to try to twist them into something because they have a big fist full of nothing when it comes to crimes or any wrongdoing by Republicans.

How desperate is CNN at this point? Brian Stelter showed how much, with his tweet trying to make something out of how Fox responded over the day to the texts and trying to claim that Fox didn’t respond for 24 hours, as though they were some great big “gotcha.”

This is what CNN claimed:

Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham — finally — on Tuesday night addressed the now-public texts that they sent Mark Meadows during the insurrection in which they implored the former White House chief of staff to get then-President Trump to take action to curtail the violence occurring at the US Capitol.

For most of the day, Fox News had largely ignored the texts, which were made public the night before. Which is to say, it took Fox News more than 24 hours to muster up a real response.

First, there was nothing to respond to, since there was nothing wrong in any of the texts — they were telling Meadows to do what he could to see if they could stop the rioting. So? What exactly is wrong with such texts? What do they need to respond to? Just more of CNN making something out of nothing — which is what CNN does for a living.


But in fact, Stelter and CNN are spreading just so much horse manure on this because Fox did in fact talk about the texts before Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and Tucker Carlson spoke about them. Both Bret Baier and Harris Faulkner spoke about the texts but of course, Hannity and Ingraham were going to say more because they were among the folks who texted Meadows.

Here is Baier talking about the texts with Chad Pergram and then, Harris Faulkner also covering it.

So how did Brian Stelter miss that? Doesn’t he spend his whole life watching Fox to find things to attack? How could he miss the coverage and the related tweets that a simple search can turn up?

The answer is that this is typical CNN lying/bad ‘journalism’ once again. It’s about pushing the narrative, not about the truth. They’re so desperate to get Trump and/or Fox, they’re just resorting to lies once again.


Meanwhile, CNN is so full of scandal, it’s sinking them and costing them anchors. They’ve had to fire Chris Cuomo for his part in helping his brother’s defense and another allegation of sexual harassment, they have a guy who masturbated on a Zoom call, they have a CNN producer arrested for child sex abuse and Don Lemon tipping off Jussie Smollett that the Chicago Police didn’t believe his story.

Maybe they need to clean their own house and explain what’s going on over there, as Tucker Carlson pointed out, rather than looking at Fox. It took CNN much longer to muster up a “real response” to the Chris Cuomo scandals.


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