Vile Details Emerge About Child Sex Abuse Allegations Surrounding CNN Cuomo Producer

More information has now come out on the story of the veteran CNN producer who worked “shoulder to shoulder” with Chris Cuomo at CNN and who was also luring very young girls to his home for “sexual subservience training.”


The indictment was unsealed this week, and it details some of the disgusting allegations against John Griffin, who was arrested on Friday by FBI agents. Griffin allegedly used a BDSM site to find parents who would then provide their daughters to him to ‘train’ in “spanking” and “c–k worship.” According to the indictment, he tried to lure at least four girls, aged 16, 14, 13, and nine years old.

Griffin allegedly told the parents things like women were “inferior to men,” that there was a “natural wanton whore at the core of ANY female.” He told one mother that it was her job, in concert with him, to see that her 13-year-old daughter was “trained properly.”

“When handled appropriately, a woman is a woman regardless of her age,” Griffin told the mother. “One of the big lies of this society is that women are delicate innocent angels and they are in actuality, naturally, the dirtiest sluts possible, in EVERY metric,” he said.

Griffin allegedly gave the mother $3,350 to bring her nine-year-old child to him at his Vermont ski house where she “was directed to engage in and did engage in illegal sexual activity,” prosecutors allege.


In another conversation with a father of a 14-year-old girl, Griffin said he’d trained a seven-year-old, and that his daughter would make a “good candidate” for his type of schooling, that he would tell her and her mother “to remove their clothing and touch each other.”

Griffin is scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow. He faces three counts of using a facility of interstate commerce to attempt to entice minors to engage in unlawful sexual activity

This person was an incredibly twisted human being, if this is true. So when I read this vile stuff, I have to ask: how could CNN not have known what kind of a person he was, if he’s willing to say such things to random people on websites? He worked for CNN for eight years. And what a coincidence that Cuomo was fired by CNN the same week before this arrest.

Or is it a coincidence? CNN said they just learned of Griffin’s arrest on Friday in their statement, calling it “deeply disturbing.” They did not say if they knew or had any reason to know about the charges against him or anything related to the charges or that kind of behavior before. CNN said that they fired Chris Cuomo after “additional information” came to light while they were reviewing his behavior helping with the defense of his brother, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.


One report alleged indicated that his staff allegedly became involved in digging up things on his brother’s accusers. Another report indicated that Chris Cuomo had also been accused of sexual harassment by a prior co-worker.


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