Tucker Carlson Just Buries CNN Over Former Senior Producer's Child Predator Scandal

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CNN is currently embroiled in multiple mostly self-inflicted scandals, with the most highly disturbing among them being the one involving former CNN senior producer John Griffin, who last week was indicted on charges that he sexually abused a 9-year-old girl and tried to groom other underage girls via their mothers.


We have since learned even more vile details about Griffin, who once worked “shoulder to shoulder” with disgraced former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo and then later occasional “New Day” anchor John Avlon.

According to court documents obtained by the NY Post, Griffin “attempted to lure at least four girls, ages 16, 14, 13 and 9, to his Vermont ski house for deviant training sessions on such things as ‘spanking’ and ‘cā€“k worship.'” He also allegedly trawled BDSM websites to find parents who would be open to handing over their underage daughters to an alleged sexual deviant like himself, and allegedly told one of the mothers that “a woman is a woman regardless of her age.”

But interestingly enough, CNN – which purports to be a “news network” though evidence on that front is scant – has had precious little to say on air about the allegations that a man who worked for them in a high-level position for 8 years is facing such serious charges. There was this article/statement on their website but there’s been no comment on it by any of the anchors that I’ve seen.

With all of that in mind, we turn to Tucker Carlson burying the news outlet on his program last night by holding them to the standards they demand of other networks, including Fox News. By CNN standards, anything bad that happens at a rival news outlet means the culture at the outlet must have helped foster an atmosphere that led to the alleged wrongdoing.


Accordingly, the outlets are obligated – per CNN “standards” – to spend hours on air delivering mea culpas and pledging to do better, etc., which is the exact “standard” we’ve seen CNNer’s like their media hall monitors Brian Stelter and Oliver Darcy apply to Fox News over the Capitol riot texts, even though the texts actually make the Fox media figures in question look better, not worse, the latter of which CNN continues to (dishonestly) suggest.

Not surprisingly, CNN’s double standards are currently on full display as they obsess over the Fox News texts and chide the network while remaining quiet on the Griffin allegations, the latter of which are a very serious matter. Carlson absolutely skewered them on his program, taking particular aim at Stelter, Darcy, and Avlon. Watch below:

Something not mentioned by Carlson but which I’ll note here is another CNN “standard,” which goes something like if you’re silent about an issue then that means you condone it or something. By that metric, are we to assume CNN condones Griffin’s alleged actions?


Though some would say “yes,” I wouldn’t go that far, but then again that’s because I’m a better person than the egotistical media personalities at CNN, who would not take the same high road if it had been another news org in the middle of a child predator scandal. Because that’s just how rotten of an organization the Creeper News Network actually is.

Facts first, and all that.

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