Fox Hosts Mock Liz Cheney and the Jan. 6 Committee's Glorious Self-Own

We covered previously how Rep. Liz Cheney (RINO-WY) and the Jan. 6 Committee were trying to tarnish Donald Trump, Jr, as well as Fox News hosts Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, and Brian Kilmeade, regarding texts that they sent Mark Meadows, President Donald Trump’s Chief of Staff, on Jan. 6. But contrary to the claims of Cheney and the liberal media, the texts not only exonerated all those folks, but the texts also showed that the Fox hosts and Trump, Jr. had no idea that the riot was going to happen, that they were shocked, and that they were immediately urging Meadows to see if there was anything he could do to help stop it — and Meadows responded he was working on a statement calling for just that for Trump. So it was a brilliant self-own by Cheney when Trump’s own son demonstrated there was no involvement in the riot.


So what are the Liz Cheney and the liberals left with now that they’ve embarrassed themselves with this Committee? No proof of any coordination just like there was never any Russia collusion. All they have left is an effort to attack Fox News hosts, with a show trial into 2022 to demonize Republicans as Jan. 6 rioters and white supremacists. No evidence of that, mind you. But since when did they ever need that? The whole purpose of this isn’t about evidence, it’s about attacking people before the next election. Democrats can see that 2022 is going to be a bloodbath for them and this is all they have in their defense. They have nothing to answer the horrible job that they and Joe Biden have done over the past year, so they’re trying the best they can to deflect from those failures, the record inflation, and the surging crime — the things that truly matter to the American public.

If this was just about them embarrassing themselves, I’d laugh and move along because I don’t think a lot of Americans are paying attention to the farce. But it’s not about finding any crimes, it’s about them using their power to persecute their political opponents, as Tucker Carlson notes. And that’s something that we all should be calling out whenever we see it. Because that’s what is the true attack on norms in our country. But as Tucker Carlson observed, they failed at their effort because the text messages only undercut the case of Cheney and the Democrats.


Laura Ingraham also took apart the attacks, noting her texts against the riot were consistent with her public tweets and comments on her show. She laughs about it with Sean Hannity at the beginning of her show and then gets into the meat of it at about 24:24.

Ingraham mocked the effort of Cheney and the Committee, noting that Cheney and Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) are likely to become MSNBC hosts once they are out of their positions. That seems a safe bet at this point since they will fail in their delusional hopes for any greater political position. One of the funniest lines in Ingraham’s take on the whole mess is her laughing at the Democrats following Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger over the cliff on this. “Would Obama or Clinton have been “that stupid” to follow those two anywhere?” she laughed.

Ingraham also had on the Washington Examiner’s Byron York and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH). York said part of this was about the continuing effort to attack Fox hosts. As we reported, CNN’s Don Lemon gave up that game when he said that Fox hosts should therefore be barred from White House briefings. Jordan noted that the effort was to try to imprison Mark Meadows for what crime? Not cooperating with a show trial? They want to lock Republicans up for no crime — for the sin of being in their way in their relentless effort to get Trump. The point in all of it is to tar Trump as much as they can for any future run he might be planning.


Bottom line, however? Their fixation on this and on Trump is going to do them in. While they’re focused on this, the American people know they aren’t focused on or caring about the things upon which they should be focused — like sound economic policies. On balance, not only is this effort not going to help them, but it’s going to damage them badly, come 2022. Gotta love it when Democrats and their minions do themselves in.



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