Jill Biden's Fantasy Response to Concerns About Joe's Mental Health

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One of the things that I have heard many Americans wonder about when they watch Joe Biden and his issues play out before the world — how could his family have agreed to go along with this and put him in that situation?


Polls have shown that many Americans are concerned about Biden’s mental capacity. In a Politico/Morning Consult poll from earlier this month, more voters disagreed that he was mentally fit than fit: 48 percent not mentally fit, 46 percent saying he was fit.

Jill Biden gave an interview to CBS’s Rita Braver at Camp David which is supposed to air on Sunday, and she was asked what she thought about that the poll and what Americans were thinking.

‘I think that’s ridiculous,’ she said, just dismissing the concerns of millions of Americans.

She then tried to claim that Biden works “almost 24 hours a day” at creating relationships.

‘He keeps working at it. He’s an eternal optimist, and he keeps working, Rita, like almost 24 hours a day, at creating relationships with Republicans as well as Democrats. To push his agenda forward. It’s that important,’ she said in excerpts of the interview that aired Friday morning on CBS This Morning.

Asked if the president ever got frustrated, the first lady conceded: ‘Well, he might make a disparaging remark once in a while.’


This is fantasy — from beginning to end. So she thinks that she can just dismiss the concerns and what we can see with our own eyes because she thinks it’s “ridiculous”?

Well, I guess that tells us how Joe Biden was put in this position. It apparently concerns us more than it does her and that says something that’s pretty sad. You don’t dismiss the concerns by simply denying them — not unless you went back to hiding him in the basement, which would be hard to do now. They are doing the best they can to wall off the press from asking questions when they want to. But there’s only so much they can do; he still has to have some public appearances. Every time he does, he gets into trouble, such as his recent visit to Kansas City that was just a complete acid bath of incoherence and gaffes.

Biden works “almost 24 hours a day” on his relationships with Republicans? Does she really expect to sell us that? If “work” means taking off to go to Delaware or constantly calling an early lid. Few people have been more divisive than Joe Biden. But Braver teed up the question for her — that it’s hard to believe that Joe Biden doesn’t get “frustrated” when Republicans try to “block his agenda.”

He’s so busy working on those relationships, he doesn’t have one Republican willing to vote for his Build Back Better bill? What does that say about how bad the bill is and/or how bad he is at his work if that’s what the result of him working “almost 24 hours a day.” The only thing that does ring true in her comments is her admission that he “might make a disparaging remark.” Now that’s the Joe “You’re a lying dog-faced pony soldier” Biden that we have seen — the guy who would even insult voters to their faces


The Biden team finally got around to announcing the results of a medical exam with his doctor declaring him “fit,” but they didn’t do a cognitive exam as part of it. So they’re not exactly quieting the concerns, especially with this dismissive comment from “Dr. Jill.” Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt.


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