New Book Reveals Hunter Biden Texts With Friend About Joe Biden's Dementia

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Joe Biden recently got a physical examination after which his doctor concluded that he was “fit to successfully execute the duties of the Presidency.” There were a variety of physical issues including peripheral neuropathy in his feet and his problematic gait.


Fox News contributor Dr. Marc Siegel said he thought was the reason for the gait issue was insufficiently addressed.

“I want more information. I want to know what the MRIs show, and I want to know what the nerve conduction EMG shows to rule out things that are more extensive, that by the way, can be associated with cognitive changes like mental status, like dementia.”

But there was a glaring omission in the medical examination of Biden: there was no cognitive examination. So one of the main questions raised about his health — that he has cognitive decline — wasn’t addressed. This, despite polls showing that less than half of Americans think he’s “mentally stable” enough to hold his job. You would think his handlers would want to address that question and put it to rest. Except the problem is that his handlers can’t put it to rest because there is a problem.

Miranda Devine just dropped a new book called “Laptop from Hell: Hunter Biden, Big Tech, and the Dirty Secrets the President Tried to Hide.” One of the troubling issues the book deals with are texts between Hunter Biden and his therapist/friend, Dr. Keith Ablow in January 2019, mocking Joe Biden’s dementia.

The book highlighted that Ablow and Hunter were discussing Democratic presidential candidates when Ablow said, “Your dad is the answer” and then later quoted himself, mockingly saying, “Any man who can triumph over dementia is a giant. Think what he could do for our nation’s needed recovery.”

“You’re such an a–hole but that made me laugh out loud,” Hunter Biden replied.

Ablow went on to quote himself saying, “Perhaps he can help us remember all we intended to be as a people since he can now remember his address,” prompting Hunter to say his dad “doesn’t need to [know] where he lives” because “that’s the only thing the secret service get[s] right at least 75% of the time.”

In another text exchange a month later, Ablow and Hunter discuss a potential podcast where they would invite “notable people” to “talk about the traumas they have endured in their lives.” Hunter added that they could turn the podcast into a “HBO series.”

“Dad is our first guest,” Hunter said.

Ablow asked Hunter if his dad can “recall details” with the “dementia and all.” Hunter responded that he can’t remember “much these days but since its all fake news anyway I don’t see the problem.”


Now Ablow’s comment about triumphing over dementia is a shot at Biden, since you can’t triumph over dementia; at best you can control it, you can not recover from it. He’s apparently mocking the thought that Joe could run, given the problem. Hunter doesn’t defend his father. Instead, he appears to acknowledge it’s an issue, mocking Joe along with Ablow.

Ablow made comments publicly about Biden’s competence in 2012 when he remarked then about Vice President Joe Biden having “early-onset dementia.” Devine tried to get him on record on the issue, but he declined to comment.

The problem now is that Biden’s cognitive issues are just too obvious to avoid anymore, and this confirms what we are seeing play out before our eyes. Unfortunately, this could have been avoided, had the media not tried to cover up information like that on the laptop before the election. Now we’re stuck with Biden in the office. It’s hard not to be concerned about all the damage he can do — with the condition that he’s in — over the next three years. The thought that his second is Kamala Harris doesn’t exactly fill anyone with confidence.

Moreover, the problem is that the cognitive issues are bad enough, but they’re just one aspect of the problems that he has. He’s been making up things out of whole cloth all of his public life, infamously lying about his background during the 1988 presidential campaign to lying today about meeting Golda Meir in 1967. So that isn’t even because of cognitive decline — that’s because of some other psychological problem. The cognitive issues may now be magnifying all his other issues because it’s gotten so bad.




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