Biden's Remarks in Kansas City Are a Complete Acid Bath

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Joe Biden went to Kansas City, Missouri, today to talk about the infrastructure law and to push his Build Back Better bill.

However, his condition just keeps getting worse and worse. It used to be that maybe he’d have one or two gaffes. Now, he has a whole panoply of them. You have to wonder why he’s still in office — and why can’t they just be honest about what’s going on with him.


First, Joe was being led in and told where to stand at the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority. A man leads a blind man and Joe Biden in. Indeed, at one point, it looked like it was the blind man leading Biden. Biden asks “Where am I?” — meaning where should he stand — despite the obvious “x” on the ground drawn for him to stand on.

What’s ironic about this is that they all come in bunched together but then are spread out for the photo op for social distancing, so exactly what’s the point of that?

But then Biden touches his face and mask, then pulls it down to talk while moving closer to the man next to him.

Again, how is that adhering to any kind of mask etiquette?

Biden then delivered more formal remarks, where he repeated some of his standard lines, including the story about people who have to go to a McDonald’s so they could have their kids use the internet. This is bad because we are the “United Steak of Amerif, for God’s sake.”


Biden also forgot the name of the Mayor of Kansas City. All he had to do was read it off the teleprompter. But he can’t. So the person’s name became Mayor Our Mayor Here.

Then he told the Angelo Negri story for the sixth time, his completely false story of meeting his friend, the Amtrak train conductor, on the train. RNC Research shows all the variations that Biden has in the story over each of the times that he’s told it. But what’s most aggravating about this story is I started debunking this in May, even CNN cited our fact check on it and admits it’s false. But Biden is still shamelessly telling the story, even saying “true story” when he tells it when it’s demonstrably untrue.

But then there was this craziness regarding gas prices. Biden talks about authorizing the release of about 50 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Now he shouldn’t be doing that because that’s supposed to be for emergencies, not to make up for his bad policies which have harmed our energy position.


He’s also taking about 18 million of that 50 million and selling it to China and India. Why is he giving part of our reserves to China? That release only covers under three days of the average amount of oil we would use. So that’s not going to make any real difference in prices — no matter what he claims.

But he messes up when talking about the price coming down. “Today, the average price you’re paying here in Kansas City is below $2 a gallon, or $3/gallon, it’s down to $2.90/gallon — 20 percent down from cents, from a month ago.”

First, he falsely claims it’s under $2.00 and then he has to correct that. That’s what it was under President Donald Trump. Then he says “20 percent down from cents”? What does that even mean?

Then Biden gets his wires crossed when saying they are going to make sure that Americans pay their “fair share” for gas, seemingly taking that phrase with which he’s always using to chastise the wealthy and insist that they should pay more in taxes. At this point, he’s starting to confuse and run together what he says. Unfortunately, we are all having to deal with our “share” of the Biden rising prices and inflation.



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