White House Ducks and Weaves but Gets Nailed for Maskless Biden

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Joe Biden gave some remarks on the new Omicron variant today, showing that he really hasn’t learned anything with his responses — not ruling out future restrictions or lockdowns, just saying they weren’t going to impose lockdowns “for now.” Biden pushed masks as a solution despite the fact that he himself was busted without having a mask on his face while in a store in Nantucket on Saturday.


Biden was not asked the question about why he had his mask down in the store when he’s always pushing masking, but White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked about it when she did a follow-up press briefing today. Fox’s Peter Doocy asked why Biden’s face was uncovered despite the sign in the store? Nantucket also had a mask mandate in place for such stores, as we reported.

Psaki punts the question trying to say that Biden always follows the recommendations of the CDC. Yet, he’s not following the rules of the store, the mandate on the island, or his own words — what he just was telling everyone else to do. So no, Jen, you can’t get off so easily with that deflection.

Doocy asks: Does she think that when Biden doesn’t follow his own words to wear masks like that, will it make it harder to get people to follow what he says? Her response, juxtaposed with Biden’s actions, is something to behold.

He always wears it, she claims, despite it being obvious that’s not true.


She claims she doesn’t know what the store’s requirements were, even though we can see their requirements on the door.

I thought it was his recommendation that wearing the mask was the best thing — the patriotic thing. “Mask up. Mask up. It’s a patriotic duty. It’s the only way we ever get back to normal,” Biden claimed in March. If that’s true, then it shouldn’t depend on whether he’s forced to do it or not. It’s his own words and his own position that his actions are flying in the face of. If he’s saying he only does it depending on the store, then this is all theater.

But beyond that, no, he doesn’t always wear it, and let’s hope people don’t model his behavior. Because if you actually thought masks prevented anything, his behavior makes no sense. Watch as he wears a mask walking down the street, but then when he approaches a gaggle of reporters — presumably the point at which you would want to have the mask on — he takes the mask down and coughs.


Even immediately after Biden’s Omicron remarks and Psaki’s briefing when she said he wears a mask every time, Biden had another meeting where, once again, he had the mask down, completely clueless as to what he is doing.

As we said earlier, Biden is just a confused mess. Psaki doesn’t make it any better when she tries to twist reality because people are perfectly capable of seeing the truth. It just makes the lying worse.


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