Biden Remarks on 'Omnicron,' Masks, and Lockdowns Show He's Still a Confused Mess

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Joe Biden gave a very brief formal speech to the nation today about the emergence of the new Omicron variant of the Wuhan coronavirus.

In large measure, his remarks boiled down to repeatedly saying “get vaccinated and get booster shots,” he didn’t have anything much deeper to offer than that.


Biden started off not getting the name of the new variant right, calling it “Omnicron” rather than “Omicron.”

He did it repeatedly.

He doesn’t even realize he said it wrong, because he’s so concentrated on just trying to read the teleprompter, it’s beyond him to realize it.

Biden also pleaded with people to wear their masks when they’re indoors in public settings and around other people.

Really? Like he did in Nantucket a couple of days ago, even after he knew of the emergence of the new variant? This is the same guy who just on Saturday, was busted out in Nantucket in a store without a mask on, surrounded by a lot of people. That was just one of the many times he’s been caught not wearing a mask, despite his constant promotion of them as the answer to the virus.


You have to wear a mask and take it seriously but he doesn’t. So obviously he’s very concerned about “Omnicron.” Not. How does he think he has any credibility at all when he says one thing but then does another?

Biden then took a few questions, consulting a pre-approved list.

Biden was asked what should be done about the places where there isn’t a mask mandate? In responding, he appears to be reading from notes propped up in front of him in order just to say he urged everyone to wear a mask unless they are eating or speaking. Why would you need to consult notes to respond to that?

Not one of the reporters asked him: If he is pushing masks so much as the proper response, why did he have his mask down in the store in Nantucket? That might have been too much journalism and probably would have sparked an angry response from Biden.


They did, however, ask whether he was going to institute any new lockdowns, something that the god of science, Dr. Anthony Fauci, refused to rule out in remarks yesterday.

“Are lockdowns off the table,” a reporter asked. Biden’s response was not encouraging. Yes, he said, “for now.”

In other words, prepare, they’re likely coming back.

If lockdowns aren’t off the table at this point, it means they’ve learned nothing and they’re not ruling out having them again, even with no indication that the Omicron variant poses any real greater danger than already exists, even with the doctor who identified it saying the cases are extremely mild. Lockdowns didn’t work before, but hey, I’m sure they’ll work this next time if we really really believe! While they didn’t work, the harm they caused and indeed are still causing is immense — everything from people losing their jobs to people not getting proper treatment for other medical illnesses.


Then, as he left, he completely forgot about the mask again, once again violating what he just said.

He can’t even stick to the narrative through his remarks.

I hate to say it but it looks like they’re gearing up once again. But this time, people aren’t going to stand for it.


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