Biden Busted in Full-on Hypocrite Mode on Nantucket

Joe Biden and members of his family have been staying on the island of Nantucket for the Thanksgiving weekend. They’re staying at the compound of private equity billionaire David Rubenstein while he is in Europe.


Biden just made a big announcement yesterday of a travel ban on eight African nations after reports of the new COVID variant — Omicron. Biden also spoke about COVID being on the rise as the reason for the plunge of the stock market. Although the new variant was found by South Africans, there are also cases in Israel, Hong Kong, and The Netherlands. So one has to wonder how far it has already spread. On the positive side, the cases the medical officials in South Africa have seen so far have been mild, despite the fear about the mutated nature of the variant.

But that didn’t stop Biden from walking around inside a store in Nantucket without a mask over his face, as he shopped with his son, Hunter, and other family members about the town. Biden got nailed by someone filming through the doorway of the Murray’s Toggery Shop. With his mask around his neck, the video picked him up and also picked up the huge “Face Covering Required” sign on the front of the door.


Not only does the store have a mask requirement, but the island just put a mask mandate back in for a couple of weeks because of concerns about the virus. Here’s what the officials said about it.

As a result of increasing cases across the Cape and Islands, The Town of Nantucket’s Health and Human Services Department is advising all residents and visitors, regardless of vaccination status, to use masks while indoors and at public locations when physical distance is not possible. The increased virulence of the Delta variant, and its high ability to infect even those vaccinated in some cases, means that masking and distancing are strongly recommended at this time.

Apparently, despite what Biden says, he shows he’s really not all that concerned about it or he doesn’t believe his own words about masking. “Rules for thee” strikes again.

Guess he just skipped out on that “patriotic duty” once again.

Biden has constantly pushed masking on the American people. Indeed, he signed an executive order requiring masks on federal property on his first day in office. He and his family members then promptly violated that executive order. His wearing of masks has been variable at best. Recently, he got nailed violating the mask mandate in Washington, D.C., going without a mask as he walked around a seafood restaurant and talked with people.


Biden was nailed again, about ten days ago, in a completely hypocritical moment where he was in close quarters with people, shaking hands, without a mask, completely unconcerned about it. But then when the time came to take a picture, suddenly he broke out the mask.

Masks apparently are for the camera. Otherwise, Biden just can’t be bothered. So when he wants to impose new restrictions over the new variant — which we really should call the Xi variant — we should just pull this out and show him what a hypocrite he is.



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