New Poll Shows Why Biden Has Been Spinning His Head off on Payments to Illegal Aliens

New Poll Shows Why Biden Has Been Spinning His Head off on Payments to Illegal Aliens
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The chaotic Biden team reaction to the story that they were considering paying illegal aliens as much as $450,000 per person for being “separated” from family members after they entered the United States illegally has been something else.

First, Joe Biden avoided the question completely when asked by Fox News’ Peter Doocy at the G20 in Rome. Then, when he finally answered the question, he denied it was even happening, calling it “garbage.” But the ACLU then blew that lie up on Biden when they said, yes, indeed the Biden administration was in talks to pay people off. Then, when Biden was asked about it again, he blew up and screamed at a reporter claiming it was okay to make such payments because children were “lost.”

Meanwhile, Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was left with the problem of having to clean up after Joe Biden’s lies — first undercutting his lie about the payments, admitting that he was “comfortable” with settlement payments while claiming the amount quoted was “garbage.” That’s not what Biden said. We also wrote earlier today how Doocy followed the thought through to its logical conclusion asking Jean-Pierre if they were paying people who entered illegally, are they also going to be paying people for entering legally? That’s a brilliant question and it completely flummoxed Jean-Pierre.

A poll from the Trafalgar Group shows exactly why they are trying so hard to spin this — 66.9 percent are against such payouts to illegal aliens.

Indeed, the real question is how could anyone approve of this at all and why that number isn’t it 95 percent, with five percent for the people who perpetually “don’t know.”

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) had a great response on this last week — this shows who the Biden Administration values and it certainly isn’t Americans.

Where’s the concern for the Americans being crushed by Biden’s inflation? We saw Biden’s Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm laugh her head off when asked about concerns for rising gas prices.

But if the Biden Administration had any brain cells at all, they shouldn’t need a poll to tell them that paying this kind of settlement out to illegals would be a very bad thing to do and would not go over well with the American people. It’s also the Biden team who put the United States in that position in some measure because of their efforts to attack the prior administration while claiming that “separation” was abusive or criminal. The Biden team didn’t care whether what they said or did would be harmful to the legal position of the United States, they were just concerned about attacking the prior administration.

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