Whoops: ACLU Busts Biden Claim on Payments to Illegal Aliens

Joe Biden has just caused a new controversy to erupt surrounding his actions.

As we previously reported, the Biden Administration was allegedly in talks to pay illegal aliens $450,000 per person over being “separated” from their families during processing after they entered the country illegally. The payments could be up to $1 million per family, according to the report.


During the G20, Fox’s Peter Doocy asked him about the subject after a press conference where Biden only chose reporters from a pre-approved list. But Biden just gave a classic Biden response. He scratched his head and continued down an escalator, evading the question.

However, Doocy did manage to bag him on the question on Wednesday. Biden just looked awful — every single bit of his 78 years and then some.

Doocy asks Biden if he thinks that might incentivize more illegal aliens to come? Biden’s crotchety response?

“If you guys keep sending that garbage out, yeah,” Biden responded. “But it’s not true.” It wasn’t Fox’s report, but apparently, that didn’t matter because it angered Joe.

“So it’s a garbage report?” Doocy asks. “Yeah,” Biden replies. “That’s not going to happen.”

Except that’s not what the ACLU is saying. The ACLU is blowing the whistle on Biden’s story. Indeed, in a statement, the ACLU rebuked Joe Biden for his comments to Doocy and made it clear that there had indeed been discussions as to settlement payments, although they didn’t specify the amounts.


“President Biden may not have been fully briefed about the actions of his very own Justice Department as it carefully deliberated and considered the crimes committed against thousands of families separated from their children as an intentional governmental policy. But if he follows through on what he said, the president is abandoning a core campaign promise to do justice for the thousands of separated families. We respectfully remind President Biden that he called these actions ‘criminal’ in a debate with then-President Trump, and campaigned on remedying and rectifying the lawlessness of the Trump administration. We call on President Biden to right the wrongs of this national tragedy.”

That confirms that there were talks of settlement payments going on. So you have two choices here when it comes to Joe Biden. Either he has no idea what is going on — a completely believable thing when it comes to Biden. Or he is lying his head off — also completely believable since he frequently does that, as well.

Who could ever believe you would have this situation where an administration could do such a thing, all while Americans are suffering under the boot heel of Joe Biden’s inflationary economy?

The ACLU points out something else, as well — that by describing “separation” as “criminal,” Biden and the Democrats were essentially hurting the legal position of the U.S. when it came to such actions. Indeed, instead of making the comments Biden did or paying, the response should be that the people entered illegally and broke the law. If they’re ignorant of the process of the law, that’s not the fault of the government, that’s their own fault. But because Biden and the Democrats wanted to attack President Donald Trump, they threw the country under the bus on this issue.



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