Watch: Energy Sec Laughs Her Head off When Asked About Rising Gas Prices

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How much do Joe Biden and the Democrats care about the problems that Americans are facing with Biden inflation, in particular rising food and gas prices?

Biden previously said that he didn’t see any “near term” solution for the rising gas prices. He went overseas, begged Russia and Saudi Arabia to pump more saying it was “not right,” looking incredibly weak with such pleading. Meanwhile, he’s been lobbying against fossil fuels in America and doing in our energy production with moves like cutting the Keystone XL pipeline and the Willow Project for more drilling in Alaska.


When even MSNBC is asking why don’t the Democrats get it, Democrats have to know they’re in trouble. Here’s Joe Scarborough asking why don’t Democrats seem to care about these questions — noting that they’re not talking about them in the elections.

Instead, as we saw with Terry McAuliffe’s campaign, Democrats are talking about hating President Donald Trump, calling people racists, and pulling dirty tricks. That didn’t go over very well in Virginia, as McAuliffe found out on Tuesday in the election. Across the country, Democrats who pushed divisiveness or didn’t address the real concerns of the people went down to defeat in places like New York City and New Jersey.

We even saw a truck driver, Edward Durr, take down the NJ State Senate President, Steve Sweeney, a seven-term incumbent Democrat. Why? Because Durr was walking the streets — talking and listening to the concerns of the people — running an old-fashioned campaign. In addition to the Republicans’ red wave, one of the other underlying stories of the election was the rise of the normal people like Edward Durr — winning seats because they’d had enough.


But we have to say for sheer tone-deafness in the Biden Administration, we might just have to give the prize to Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm. When asked about what was the “Granholm plan” to help out with the rising gas prices, she literally threw her head back and laughed her head off.

“Ha ha ha. That is hilarious!” Granholm said. She followed that by saying that she couldn’t do anything, it was all up to OPEC.

But it isn’t, and that’s just the point. The Biden team would put us at the mercy of such decisions. The point of the Trump Administration was energy independence so you are not subject to the whims of cartels. However, when you continuously undercut energy production as the Biden team has, they can’t now try to foist the blame off on others. They own it, squarely.

Her laughter just shows she doesn’t care about how this is affecting people because if she had even the slightest feelings of conscience at all, she would at least pretend to have a more serious response.


If it’s all up to someone else and the Biden team can’t do anything about it, then why are they there? Get the heck out of office and give it to the people who can actually get things done.



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