Gas Hits Unbelievable High While Biden Shuts Down More American Oil Options

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I wrote earlier about rising prices concerning most Americans. 87% are worried about it, according to a new Fox survey, a significant number.

One of the things that people are most worried about is rising gas prices. A massive number — 84% — say that’s a problem for their families, with 50% saying it’s a “major” problem. Virtually everyone — 94% — thought such rising gas prices a problem for the country’s economy including 67% calling it a “major” problem.


Prices are up all over the country, but today they hit a truly unbelievable number in Gorda, California — $7.59 for a regular gallon of gas. Premium is nearly $8.50.

The average across the nation is still going up.

Home heating bills going into the winter are also expected to skyrocket, some by as much as 54%. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer decried this, indicting Joe Biden in the process.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is concentrated on begging OPEC to pump more oil while shutting down things like the Keystone Pipeline.

Now, he’s also giving up on another option — the Willow Project, an oil and gas drilling project in Alaska that would have provided not only a lot of oil but thousands of jobs, as well. There was a court ruling against the project, despite there being an extensive review of any possible economic impact. The Biden Administration had previously said they would fight for the project. Now they’ve changed their mind and are not appealing the decision, making the project effectively dead, killing the drilling opportunity and all the jobs.

The entire congressional delegation from Alaska – Sens. Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan and Rep. Don Young – have been vocal proponents of the project, arguing it would produce 100,000 barrels of oil per day, lead to $10 billion in government revenue and create 2,000 construction jobs and 300 permanent jobs. They also applauded the Biden administration after its brief defending Willow in May.

“This decision won’t do one thing to help the environment,” Sullivan said in a statement following the August ruling. “To the contrary, it further delays one of Alaska’s most strategic energy development projects, which will benefit our adversaries that produce oil, like Russia, Venezuela and Iran, whose environmental standards are some of the worst in the world.”


Now, it’s just one more thing that would help America that Biden has thrown under the bus while at the same time helping Russia’s oil dominance and foothold in the EU with his decision on Nord Stream 2 sanctions. He couldn’t do more if he were deliberately trying to hurt the United States.


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