Watch as Biden Makes a Mess of It at G20 Summit

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Joe Biden met with some of the European Union leaders and representatives of 14 nations at the G20 meeting in Rome today. We saw how he seemed, literally and figuratively, almost out of the picture yesterday during the “family” shot of the countries’ leaders.


Today, it started off badly, with Biden showing up 20 minutes late for his remarks.

His excuse? He was “playing with elevators,” he told the other leaders. Alrighty, now. I’m not sure I really want to know what that means.

But Biden has a habit of being late, as we’ve all seen. Fox actually has been keeping a count, noting he averages 22.4 minutes late for his publicly scheduled events. So, this probably was on the better side for him. Sometimes, he’s been up to an hour late. During his Afghanistan debacle, he averaged 34 minutes late for his events. So, this really wasn’t out of character at all.

When Biden finally spoke, he delivered remarks that largely had to do with the supply chain crisis.

What were some of his ideas?

According to the Daily Mail, there was throwing money at it: approving funding to slash congestion and red tape. Is this a move that is actually going to remove blockages? It’s hard to tell — if it slashes some of the regulations leading to some of the problems, that would be good. But, then you wouldn’t need to throw money at it, it would seem to me.

The other thing he spoke about was authorizing materials to be taken out of the National Defense Stockpile. Maybe I’m missing something, but it’s not clear to me how that alleviates disruptions. It might provide more of needed items, but how does that solve the disruptions?


As we previously noted, one thing you could do that would help the disruptions — at least for the U.S. — is to provide some additional areas to relieve the logjam of containers at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. Biden doesn’t seem to be doing that. His declaration that the ports would be open 24/7 also doesn’t seem to have done much of anything, as we noted.

One of the things that was both ignorant and offensive at the same time was Biden’s talking about energy prices. He said we need to make sure we get an “adequate supply of energy in this moment.” Listen as he chastises Russia and Saudi Arabia for not pumping more oil, saying it’s “not right.”

How weak is this comment? This, after he spent a lot of his campaign and a lot of his time in office so far attacking fossil fuels, our energy sources and production. He’s done everything he could to harm our energy independence while building up that of our foes, like Russia, by lifting sanctions related to the Nord Stream 2 pipeline which will empower their energy control on Europe- – the very thing we tried to prevent for years.


He’s cool with them pumping more oil and building up their energy dominance. He’s cool with us kowtowing to them. He just doesn’t want us to have our own independence. Biden has called on OPEC to increase its pumping of oil, while at the same time he’s cutting things in our own energy interest like Alaska’s Willow Project to drill more oil and the Keystone XL pipeline. Meanwhile, Biden’s response to the rising gas prices? He doesn’t see any “near term” solution.

Russia and China are among the nations that blew off the G20 here. So, anything that’s agreed to during these meetings, we’re going to be on the hook for, but they wouldn’t have agreed to. That’s the ‘respect’ they’re basically showing Biden and the rest, because they think now they can run right over the U.S.

Biden’s response? He can’t remember it’s “China.”

Biden, of course, had to be told who to call on again among the reporters. Who is it that’s telling him what to do?


He continued to spread the fiction about wages, when real buying power is going down because prices have gone up with inflation.

But the countries present did agree on a global minimum tax to impose on us all. As if he hadn’t harmed us enough already. It imposes a 15% minimum on corporations in the countries signing on to the agreement. Which tax will then be passed on to consumers and affect us all.

Finally, I want to note this moment where Biden seems completely confused. He’s supposed to be delivering remarks and he can’t seem to figure out how to turn the mic on. He needs Secretary of State Antony Blinken to help him.

This is who we have in charge now. God help us all.


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