New Jersey May Have Had the Best Race of the Night - and Not the Governor's Race

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We’ve been covering the amazing governor’s race in New Jersey, a race that was never expected to be as close as it is right now.

The media wasn’t even paying attention to the race. Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy was supposed to walk away with it. Except that didn’t exactly happen, Ciattarelli was leading all last night and it’s still not being called today because it’s that close. It’s seesawed back and forth. You can check out the most recent numbers here.


Even if Murphy ultimately pulls it out, the Democrats will have taken a huge hit in the state because of how well Ciattarelli has done. One of the reasons, again, as with Terry McAuliffe — you had a slimy Democrat who wanted to dictate to people, impose more taxes and restrictions but people weren’t having it.

But it wasn’t just a move against Murphy and for Ciattarelli happening in the state. There seemed to be a movement against the Democrats in power.

In a completely astonishing victory in what has to be the best race of the night, a truck driver, Edward Durr, who spent just $153.31 on his race for Dunkin Donuts and paper flyers against the 7-term incumbent Democratic State Senate President Steve Sweeney is now leading in the race and he may have knocked him off.

One pundit termed it a “total realignment of politics in the state.”


That would certainly have to be the most economical race ever run in addition to the most incredible win. Durr doesn’t even have a website.

Here he is — saying we need more real people who understand the bad effects of what’s going on in the state.

In another race for the Egg Harbor Township school board, while candidates don’t run by parties, Nicholas Seppy won a school board seat after graduating from the school that was disrupted last year because of the Wuhan coronavirus.


How’s that for another rebuke?

Democrats and liberal media may not be getting it yet, but these are big messages for the Democratic powers that be — that Americans are going to be pushing back against that power and control. If they don’t get it and start realigning what they are doing and saying, expect more of this in 2022.


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