The Red Wave Even Hits Blue NYC With Some Awesome Results

There definitely was a red wave in the elections yesterday.

It didn’t just hit in Virginia, although that state was certainly the bellwether — with Republicans taking governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General. They also flipped seven seats in the House, which the GOP now controls 52 to 48.


We saw New Jersey — a very blue state — with a governor’s race that wasn’t supposed to be in question, that was very close because of how well the Republican, Jack Ciattarelli, has done. Some have now called it for Murphy, but we’ll have to see if it’s contested. Not only that, but perhaps one of the best races of the night, was in New Jersey, with a truck driver, Edward Durr, defeating seven-term incumbent Democrat Senate President Steve Sweeney.

The wave even hit a previously blue area of generally red Texas, bringing a Republican to victory in a district that Joe Biden won handily last year.

But that wasn’t all. In the deeply blue — it’s hard to get bluer — New York City, there was also a sea change. The city will now have a more moderate Democrat, law and order former police officer Eric Adams as mayor to replace the rabidly left Bill de Blasio. Republicans also appear to have won at least four city council seats in Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island and may take a fifth in another upset.

One GOP winner was Inna Vernikov, a lawyer and immigrant from Ukraine who won by nearly 30 votes running as an unabashed Trump supporter. She also opposed Wuhan coronavirus mandates.


From NY Post: `

“I’m very excited. This election victory shows that the people are fed up with the progressive policies that have destroyed our city and district,” Vernikov told The Post last night.

“I hope to open the door for other Republicans and serve the district with honor and integrity.”

Meanwhile, Joann Ariola, the Queens Republican leader and a Howard Beach civic activist, demolished the Democratic progressive Felica Singh with 16,040 votes, or 67 percent, to 7,443 votes or 31 percent for Singh, who was backed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). Singh was done in, in part, for supporting defunding the police.

In Staten Island, Republican David Carr defeated Democrat Sal Albanese in the 50th district and in Queens, Vickie Paladino was leading by seven points in the 19th district points with 99 percent of the vote in.

Here’s Paladino in 2017, just a resident, chastising Bill de Blasio on the street, and then in 2020 taking on leftist and BLM protesters.

Warning for graphic language:


Now that’s a New Yorker!

Meanwhile  a Democrat who is running to be the next council speaker is in a neck-and-neck fight just to survive with his Republican opponent in the 43rd district that includes Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights with about 21 votes separating the two.

On top of that, beyond the city council seats, Republican Ray Tierney defeated an incumbent Democrat to be elected Suffolk District Attorney and Republican Anne Donnelly defeated an incumbent Democrat to be elected Nassau District Attorney, a great move to ensure more law and order.

This wasn’t only a red wave but a comment on all those issues that we’ve been fighting in the trenches on, including mandates and against radical leftist politics.

We can’t get to 2022 soon enough with these results.


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