Eric Swalwell and MSNBC Analyst Go All-in on Spreading Youngkin Smear

Eric Swalwell and MSNBC Analyst Go All-in on Spreading Youngkin Smear
AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

I wrote previously about how Glenn Youngkin was surging in the governor’s race in Virginia as Terry McAuliffe, the Democrat, was collapsing in the numbers.

Now, part of that is because of some of the wild things McAuliffe has said which have caused his campaign to implode, such as implying that parents don’t have a right to have a say in their children’s education.

But apparently, someone on the left decided that McAuliffe hadn’t imploded enough yet so they went for a delusional effort to smear Youngkin, as we reported earlier, sending five people to playact like white supremacists holding tiki torches and dressed all alike. But as you’ll notice, there was a small problem with this fake scenario of depicting them as white supremacists supporting Youngkin.

I’m thinking that someone really didn’t think this smear through very well. How desperate does one have to be to do this? The internal polls must be terrible for McAuliffe. Plus it isn’t Youngkin who was caught in either the blackface or the Klan outfit costume — that was the present Democrat Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam. What is it about Virginia Democrats and dressing up in racist costumes?

But what was hilarious beyond the local media person, Elizabeth Holmes, doing the Democrats’ work for them and spreading this nonsense without investigating it or explaining to people that it isn’t what it appears to be is how other media and Democrats then tried to spread the smear, revealing how ignorant and/or bankrupt they were in the process.

First, of course, was Christina Freundlich, McAuliffe’s spokesperson.

She’s the same person who accidentally sent an email to Fox talking about the effort to kill their story regarding McAuliffe hiring Marc Elias’ law firm, a signal that McAuliffe might challenge the election if he lost. Was this tiki torch effort an attempt to distract from that? We don’t know but it’s pretty clear that, at this point, the McAuliffe campaign is stuck on stupid, because this is going to make them look even more idiotic, whoever was behind it. Seriously, anyone who can spread this smear doesn’t deserve to have any official position in Virginia. She might need to have this story killed, too.

But there was more.

Here’s a Democratic strategist.

Then there was NBC/MSNBC legal analyst Glenn Kirschner. Now, he already had a habit of spreading a lot of nonsense so he just added to that reputation with this.

But there’s no doubt the highlight was Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA).

Now, maybe we can understand how he fell for a Chinese spy because anyone who is so stupid as to fall for this smear is obviously not the sharpest knife in the drawer. But, again, seriously? Who is this dumb? Remember this guy is still on the House Intelligence Committee, proving that’s an oxymoron right there. As we previously reported, Swalwell has already put his foot in his mouth before as to the Virginia race.

Now the Virginia Democrats are denying their involvement or that of their “coordinated” partners.

I’m thinking this really isn’t going to help and no one is going to believe it since some of the Democrats accused have locked down their accounts. Why did Freundlich immediately start tweeting about it despite the fact it was so obviously wrong?

So here’s what Democrats need to do: Call for an investigation into these folks. Surely they want to find out who these horrible people are, right?

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