Tiki-Torch Wielding Men Target Glenn Youngkin in Disgusting Smear Attempt

AP Photo/Steve Helber

We are only a few days removed from Joe Biden comparing Glenn Youngkin, the sweater-vest wearing, Harvard-educated Republican, with those who entered the Capitol Building on January 6th. Yet, the disgusting smears aren’t slowing down.


In what many are describing as an obvious setup meant to tie Youngkin to racists that he has nothing to do with, tiki-torch wielding men photo-bombed his campaign bus today. Conveniently, a single reporter was around to snap a picture so it could go viral.

Amazingly, Elizabeth Holmes didn’t bother to, you know, go ask these men who they are and who they are affiliated with. Instead, she just put the picture up with no context whatsoever. That’s apparently called “journalism” these days.

Let’s also note that one of the men in the picture is black, which essentially confirms these are Democrats trying to falsely attack Youngkin just days before Virginia votes. If these were real white supremacists, I’m going to guess they wouldn’t be palling around with a black guy. But hey, what do I know?


The next question is who paid these men to do this. Was it coordinated by the McAuliffe campaign or by one of the other groups supporting his campaign (such as The Lincoln Project)? That’s what my bet would be on. It’s unlikely these men got together completely unprompted to pull off this stunt. Further, here’s Mcauliffe’s spokeswoman immediately running with the smear, which makes me think they are involved.

By the way, this is the same Christina Freundlich who got caught trying to kill the Fox News story about McAuliffe hiring Marc Elias.

Of course, there was a lighter side to this as well as the jokes started to roll in.

You can smell the flop sweat emanating from Terry McAuliffe’s campaign. Unable to compete with Youngkin on the issues, he and his allies have been reduced to alleging “racism” where none exists. It’s the same tactic that Democrats always use, and it’s going to fall flat here. While McAuliffe has focused on courting out-of-state politicians, Youngkin has been on the ground, focusing on the voters. The people of Virginia know who he is. They know these smears are ludicrous.


I’m not counting my chickens before they hatch, but if McAuliffe loses on Tuesday, no one in recent history will have deserved it as much as he does. He has shown himself to be an awful person who has run a slanderous, garbage dump of a campaign. A Youngkin victory would go a long way in restoring some trust in the process after the way McAuliffe has carried himself.


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