Ron Klain's Attempt to Dunk on CNN on Evacuations Falls Flat on Its Face

Ron Klain's Attempt to Dunk on CNN on Evacuations Falls Flat on Its Face
(AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

The Biden Administration has been a train wreck when it comes to the whole Afghanistan situation.

Perhaps one of the most infuriating things about it is not just how they’ve failed so hard, but how they’ve lied about it and actually pretended like everything was going according to their carefully laid-out plans.

Listen now as President Ron Klain picks a fight with CNN and tries to dunk on their reporter, Clarissa Ward.

Ward said that there hadn’t been a plane taking off from the airport, from the U.S. side, for eight hours.

Klain claimed, “We evacuated 5700 people in the past 24 hours. The best military operation in the world is in charge.”

The problem of course is that he’s trying to dunk on the reporter that’s actually at the airport on the ground and can see the truth of what flights are actually taking off. It wasn’t the Biden team telling us of the pause in the evacuation flights. It was CNN. Only after CNN told us, did the Biden team admit it had happened.

Yes, we have the best military in the world. Unfortunately, we have the worst Commander in Chief right now which is why we are in the position to begin with having to ask the military to put themselves out in this way, to do something heroic when getting people out should have been done long ago, not trying to get people past enemy lines.

That Commander-in-Chief is also seemingly inhibiting the military from going out and rescuing Americans outside the airport, as the French and the British are doing for their citizens because of his “deal” with the Taliban.

Hey Ron, Americans are getting beaten by the Taliban with fan belts because of your guy. Some deal.

Plus, not really a good look to be calling out the reporter who is actually there on the ground when your guy has just told a boatload full of lies and no one can even begin to rely on anything you guys say.

Yes, that’s right. Notice that Ron doesn’t say how many Americans are in that group. Of the thousands of Americans still in the country, they only got out a “couple of hundred” over the past day according to the Pentagon.

Now again, that may be because they’re taking who is able to get to the airport. But that also shows that the Americans are not making it to the airport in great numbers if that’s true. At least not yesterday.

Seriously, Ron? Slink off. You should be ashamed beyond belief with what you all have done here.

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