CNN Reveals Evacuation Flights out of Kabul Stopped, Explanation From Biden Team Is Ridiculous

AP Photo/Rahmat Gul

The Biden team has been bragging about getting more people out of the Kabul airport, but CNN’s Clarissa Ward burned that claim by saying that there hadn’t been any flights out in the eight hours that she’s been sitting there outside the airport.



There were these heartbreaking scenes outside the airport, with elderly and disabled people who were being beaten by the Taliban with a whip.

Turns out that Ward was more accurate than the Biden team. Now the Biden administration is admitting there was a “pause” to the flights because of a backlog of people being processed in Qatar and they may have to route some people to Europe. What? Turns out Qatar wouldn’t take anymore and it sounds like “We planned for everything” Joe Biden didn’t plan for that eventuality either.


So now they’re looking to Europe for possibilities and saying they will start the flights up again. How do you not have more than one place to take them? How do you not account for this? But that’s why they are now saying there was a pause, with untold thousands still needing to get out.

This is just a mess. This is worse than Saigon ever was.


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