French and Brits Are Rescuing Their Citizens in Kabul, but Here's What Americans Were Hearing

AP Photo/Rahmat Gul

Americans were left in the lurch by Joe Biden, stuck behind enemy lines in Afghanistan, despite the fact that the Biden team was warned about the impending collapse of Afghanistan and Kabul.


They were then told that if they were outside of Kabul, there was no plan to get them out.

Even the people in Kabul were told: Figure out your own way to the airport through the Taliban because we’re not going to help get you there.

Now, just in perspective, understand that the French and the British are actually going out and extracting their citizens in Kabul and bringing them back. The French. But the Biden folks aren’t letting the military do that because of the “deal” with the Taliban about “safe passage” to the airport, according to reports. Meanwhile, many can’t get through despite that claim of “safe passage.” It’s madness. Biden is acceding to the Taliban, yet again.


Our military is the best in the world. Not so much the alleged Commander-in-Chief, and that’s the problem right there.

Even if you managed to make it through the Taliban and into the airport, you weren’t quite done with the roadblocks yet, courtesy of Air Biden.

Turns out even though Joe Biden’s actions had put you in peril, you were still going to be required to pay an inordinate amount to fly out of Kabul. The State Department issued an alert to citizens which included the warning that they could have to pay up to $2,000 or more for a flight and/or sign a promissory note to pay that amount. Non-citizens would have to pay even more.


Talk about truly disgusting.

But now, after that got a ton of backlash, State Department spokesman Ned Price said, β€œIn these unique circumstances, we have no intention of seeking any reimbursement from those fleeing Afghanistan.”

Imagine, illegal aliens apparently get flights across the U.S., but Americans trapped because of the failed actions of Joe Biden would have had to pay for their own rescue. Assuming they can even make it to the airport. Somehow, this administration just keeps reaching for the depths and meeting them.


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