Biden Claims Cuomo Did a 'Hell of a Job' -- Even CNN Can't Believe His Response

Biden Claims Cuomo Did a 'Hell of a Job' -- Even CNN Can't Believe His Response
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Joe Biden held a press conference briefing to talk about infrastructure today. I wonder if he would have set it up if he knew in advance that New York Gov. Cuomo was going to resign and that he would definitely have to field questions about it.

As we previously stated, he didn’t look well coming back into the White House after taking a four-day weekend and calling early lids. Then he’s also supposed to leave early for Camp David on Thursday. Nice job — two days of “work,” if you can call it that. But his gait looked really bad. It’s been bad in the past but it looked worse as he came into the White House today. He didn’t look like a guy who had four days off, he looked like the guy they were hiding in the basement because his deterioration is becoming too evident.

Needless to say, that presser didn’t go well. When asked by CBS’s Ed O’Keefe about the big news of the day — Cuomo — Biden opened his mouth and stuck his foot right in.

“He’s done a hell of a job — on everything from access to voting to infrastructure to a whole range of things,” Biden claimed. “That’s why it’s so sad.”

He then got further caught up in it when CNN’s Kaitlan Collins asked him another question on it and even she couldn’t believe his response.

No and no. How on today of all days do you say he’s done a “hell of a job?” How do you think that resonates with the people he’s allegedly harassed or the families of the dead from the nursing home scandal? Has Joe missed the nursing home scandal? Everyone is trying to skip right over the findings of the New York State Attorney General in regard to the nursing home scandal — that they covered up the number of nursing home deaths. Where is the outrage over that? That was as part of his job, Joe. So no, he didn’t do a good job. He did the worst job in the country in regard to the pandemic.

He wasn’t the “gold standard” as Joe had previously termed him then.

He never was what the Democrats like Biden claimed. It was a lie then when he was being styled as the hero of the pandemic and it’s a lie now.

Moreover, this concept that sexual harassment of your aides is somehow separate and is your “personal life” is just fundamentally wrong. Collins is right — you can’t separate it. It is something he did as part of his job. That’s part of the problem and it’s been covered up by his fellow Democrats for years.

The fact that Joe Biden tried to separate them and even thinks this way is very wrong. Perhaps Biden thinks that way because he’s faced similar kinds of accusations in regard to women.

Finally, it’s not “sad” that he’s gone, Joe. It’s a huge relief to all the people that he wronged. Yes, the left wanted him out and may now push to try to get their person in. But he needed to be gone for what he did, regardless of that. And he still needs to be held accountable for the thousands of deaths and any other criminal actions including the sexual harassment claims.

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