Joe Biden Finally Emerges and Looks as Old and Confused as Ever

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

I’m happy to report that Joe Biden has been located. After going off the grid in Delaware since last Friday, with lids being called early and no availability or statements made, the president eventually returned to the White House today.


In doing so, he looked as old and doddering as ever.

There is some controversy here about whether he actually missed the sidewalk, making a circle by walking through the grass. At first watch, it certainly looks that way, and it does appear the secret service agent was motioning for him to turn down the sidewalk. But perhaps the agent was actually motioning to the other agent behind Biden? Or maybe there was something in the way? Or maybe Biden just likes the scenic route?

To focus on that would miss the point, though. Biden just does not look well here. His gait is labored and his back is hunched. When the camera shows him from the side up by the White House, he appears almost woozy, with a stutter in his step. This is a guy who has been laying up at the family home for the better part of five days. Where’s the energy?

Biden has apparently returned to Washington to make remarks on the passage of the infrastructure bill, but according to Amber Athey, he’s going to be returning to Wilmington almost immediately. After that, it’s off to Camp David for the entire weekend. When it’s all said and done, the president will have spent just one full day at the White House over a ten-day period (and that’s assuming he returns next Monday).


Some may say I’m making too much of this, but I’ll remind them that we had a month-long news cycle centered on Donald Trump walking slowly down a ramp. The press lost their minds when the former president held a cup of water with two hands. So those people can forgive me for paying attention to the fact that the current White House resident is clearly mentally and physically hobbled. If he were a Republican, the 25th Amendment coverage would never cease.

The presser that Biden held didn’t help matters either. At one point, he praised Andrew Cuomo, who just resigned over a sexual harassment scandal, as having “done a hell of a job.” If that’s not a lapse in judgment, I’m not sure what is. Later he would get angry when pressed on his assertion by CNN’s Kaitlin Collins and confusingly claim he was asked about how Cuomo did on infrastructure.


This is not a man who is up for being president. To the extent that he can even remain visible to the public, and that’s seemingly becoming less and less possible, he seems frustrated, confused, and incapable of handling the pressure placed on him.

On that thought, maybe it’s better if he stays in Delaware?


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