Unhinged Senator Calls for More Investigations Into Brett Kavanaugh

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Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) made a name for himself — in a bad way — as the guy obsessed with things like “boofing,” drinking games, and farting during the Kavanaugh hearings, not to mention promoting all kinds of crazy theories and accusations. He even promoted a random guy’s fake claim about a rape on a boat in Rhode Island. Whitehouse was also the guy who, more recently, got nailed for being a member of a club alleged to be an all-white beach club. His defense to that? Well, I’m no longer a member there, but I belong to a “sailing club” (translation: yacht club, but he doesn’t want to use that term) that has a “lack of diversity.” Not the defense you think it is, Senator.


In short, he’s a despicable human being.

But in a proof that evil never dies, Whitehouse is still spinning bull when it comes to Brett Kavanaugh. As we reported earlier, Christine Blasey Ford’s lawyers are trying to suggest there’s something that wasn’t investigated. Whitehouse is actually trying to claim that the investigation into Brett Kavanaugh is “ongoing.” Check this crazy video.

This isn’t the first time the Boof Truther Whitehouse has claimed the FBI didn’t investigate fully, as I previously wrote.

But the person who was denied an honest and sincere investigation by the Democrats was Brett Kavanaugh. He was subject to something no one should ever have to go through because of the Democrats’ desire for power and control over the Supreme Court.


There probably are few things that have gotten more attention than Christine Blasey Ford’s claims. They didn’t need to interview her, she testified before everyone. Yet, she never produced one shred of evidence to support her claim of being attacked by Kavanaugh. She couldn’t even support that she’d ever even met him as she claimed. There were no “corroborators” of her claim. Everyone she claimed as a witness said they had no recollection that such a party ever happened as she claimed.

The Democrats didn’t give a darn about Ford either. All they cared about was using her to derail Kavanaugh.

When it was clear that the nomination wasn’t going to be derailed by this lie, more fake claims flooded in. One woman even admitted making up a lie about a rape as a tactic to derail the nomination.

Not only that, her great friend, Leland Keyser, not only disputed Ford’s story that such a party ever occurred, but she also told the FBI that Ford-allies tried to pressure her to get her to change her story, thus hurting Kavanaugh. But she refused.

What should have been done was that everyone who lied here should have been prosecuted, to stop this nonsense. If they knew there was going to be a cost for their bad actions that might have stopped them. But there really were no consequences for the Democrats for what they did, so Whitehouse is just continuing. Because now, the Supreme Court is the last bastion that they don’t have control over and they want it.


Maybe Whitehouse should check his own issues with spreading fake claims and belonging to racist clubs.


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