Christine Blasey Ford's Lawyers Release a Statement as Democrats Decide to Freak on Brett Kavanaugh Again

Because everything old is new again, I regret to inform you that we are in for another hysterical news cycle involving Christine Blasey Ford’s discredited allegations against now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh.


Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse released a statement yesterday claiming that he had discovered that the FBI investigation into Kavanaugh had been a sham. His big piece of evidence? That the FBI didn’t properly review over 4,500 claims that came in via a tipline that was set up.

Now, Ford’s lawyers have chimed in, which begs the question of who is still paying these people to be her lawyers.

This is absurdity on steroids. We are now back to supposition, not backed by evidence, but pushed by the notion of what could be revealed if only we would just keep investigating unto eternity. Think about how useless a tip line would be in this case. Does anyone really believe that 4,500 legitimate tips came in via that line regarding an alleged incident 30+ years ago involving just a few people?

Of course not. Rather, that tip line was obviously just a magnet for partisans with no relation to the case who were trying to gum up the works and stall Kavanaugh’s confirmation. After all, if the FBI had to thoroughly and individually vet all 4,500 tips, no matter how ludicrous, the investigation would probably still be ongoing. And that’s why Whitehouse, Ford’s lawyers, and Democrats, in general, are so mad. This was never about coming to a reasonable conclusion based on the evidence (or lack thereof) at hand. Instead, it was about stalling into perpetuity.


In short, there is nothing really new here. Democrats are still beatboxing the wind trying to land a punch that can not be landed because Brett Kavanaugh did not sexually assault Christine Blasey Ford. Even this latest complaint is not based on consequential information showing Kavanaugh lied. Rather, it’s just a theoretical complaint about what may have been found if the FBI investigated Kavanaugh another few years. But that’s not how the system works nor should it work that way.

Clearly, the end goal here is to reignite enough passion to try to impeach Kavanaugh. That’s a fantasy that will simply be used by hacks like Whitehouse to fundraise off of. It’s not something that will actually come to fruition. Given that, this cynical pursuit is revealed for what it is. I have my qualms with Kavanaugh as a Justice, but that doesn’t mean he should be harassed by this nonsense for the rest of his life. Whitehouse and his colleagues are gross for perpetuating this, and if they ever find themselves on the other side of a situation like this, they should be shown no mercy.


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