The 'Boof Truther' Is Trying to Go After Kavanaugh Again

(AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

One of the problems during the Trump administration was a big failure of the DOJ to actually pursue a lot of actions that should have been pursued, from Democratic actions surrounding the spying on the Trump team, to the organizers of violent, radical Antifa actions.

There were a lot of “investigations,” but very few actions. So, that’s why is frankly ludicrous when Democrats attack Bill Barr as a ‘wingman’ for President Donald Trump. They always accuse Republicans of what they themselves have been guilty.

So, fast forward to today, and Merrick Garland has been approved for Attorney General, despite saying ridiculous things like he couldn’t say if illegal entry into the country was a crime, talking about the “Capitol bombing” (that didn’t exist), and saying that Antifa attacking a federal courthouse might not be domestic terrorism if it didn’t happen during the day.

Should we be concerned that they will return to those wingman days of Barack Obama, when Republicans were targeted and Democrats skated? I am. We’ve already seen efforts of retribution to go after President Donald Trump.

But now, it looks like they’re trying to go after another favorite target, Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) is now asking Garland, in a letter, to examine the FBI’s “fake” investigation into sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh. “Fake?” He’s also suggesting that the FBI may not have investigated all the crazy tips that may have come into a tip line. He doesn’t actually know that, he’s just suggesting it. There have probably been few people who have had more job investigations by the FBI than Kavanaugh. But of course the whole purpose of this isn’t about truth; it’s about an effort to open the door to a future effort to try to impeach Kavanaugh.

Now, let’s review who Sheldon Whitehouse is. He’s the guy our friend Ed Morrissey over at Hot Air calls the “Boof Truther.” Morrissey notes that Whitehouse had the ability to delve into this in depth during the hearing. But Whitehouse was more concerned about “early 1980s teen-age slang about sex, drinking, and/or flatulence,” and suggesting that “Boof” had some greater meaning than flatulence.

Let’s also recall something else. It was Whitehouse who brought forward a fake complaint of rape against Kavanaugh from a person who later recanted. If anything should be further investigated by the FBI, it should be how that came about and who might have been involved in crafting that fake complaint.

Not only wasn’t there ever any evidence to support the claims against Kavanaugh, there was direct evidence from the people Christine Blasey Ford claimed were “witnesses” that they recalled no such event.

The utter insanity of that hearing showed the depths to which Democrats will go to try to hold onto power. If they actually try an impeachment gambit with this, prepare for World War III.

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