Runaway Texas Dem Embarrasses Herself With Misinformation Frenzy

Texas Democrats flee their state on a private flight to stop the passage of an election integrity bill.

The runaway Texas Democrats just don’t seem to be able to stop digging the hole deeper.

They’ve become national objects of derision for their ridiculous efforts to glorify themselves for their political stunt. But they still just can’t seem to shut their mouths.


We’ve seen Gene Wu insult his Republican colleagues as well as the voters. We’ve seen Michelle Beckley tweet about how “brave” they are while participating in a super spreader event, infecting a White House official and a Pelosi aide. They even exposed Kamala Harris who then had to go and get a test which was reportedly negative.

Now there’s this clueless tweet from Donna Howard, another one of the Texas Democrats. She’s the one that posted a tweet about washing out her laundry to demonstrate what difficult circumstances they were operating under. What a hardship.

Now, I’m confused. Didn’t this lady just help spread this virus to D.C. and wasn’t she one of the folks who wasn’t wearing a mask while she tries to impose it on everyone else and yell at Gov. Greg Abbott?


Why yes, yes she was one. Maybe she’s the last person who should be trying to preach at anyone else.

According to The Texas Tribune, she’s also one of the six who has tested positive.

But then Howard really got into trouble when she tried to justify why they weren’t wearing masks in compliance with the law. Get ready for the lies and the spin.

Except not so much. That was untrue, the spike started earlier, in early June.


But then there was another problem with her spin.

No, there isn’t an exemption for charters.

Whoops. Looks like Howard stepped in it big time. Can we expect she’ll be banned for the misinformation now?

Moreover, if she actually believed what she’s pitching now, she would have been wearing it anyway regardless of the rules.

Now, I’m against the mask mandate. But when these characters go all holier-than-thou preaching at everyone else and then flouting the rules themselves, I’m all in for calling them out as the hypocrites they are.


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