Runaway Texas Dem Posts Most Cringe-Worthy Tweet Ever About Their Disastrous Stunt

Texas Democrats flee their state on a private flight to stop the passage of an election integrity bill.

There’s a new contender for most obnoxious runaway Texas Democrat. That’s a tough call when they’re such drama llamas, having made up complete lies about the Texas election integrity bill, claiming “voting rights” were somehow being denied. Then, on top of that, creating a super spreader event with their propaganda trip to Washington, D.C., with six of their number catching the Wuhan coronavirus and spreading it to a White House official and a Pelosi aide, not to mention how many other people about which we don’t know.


I would have thought that Gene Wu would have had the title sewn up. After all, he’s the guy who insulted his Republican colleagues and the voters, who also had the nerve to tell us the lesson we should learn from their trip.

However, Michelle Beckley is certainly making a good case in a run for the title. As we reported last night, she put out a cringe-worthy video that is just one hot pack of lies. Texas is on the verge of passing a bill that would keep millions of working Americans “and people of color away from the polls.”

There’s just no reality at all in that, but she’s shameless, to go along with her blue hair. Democracy is under attack if we don’t have drive-up voting or we do have a voter ID requirement. They really hate any effort to ensure election integrity. These folks are seriously delusional. They want everyone to think this disastrous effort is somehow heroic and then she’s using it to promote herself politically.

But she made it even worse with perhaps one of the most cringe-worthy tweets ever, when she described herself as “brave” because she ran away from doing her job and participated in a super spreader event. She even appealed for more Twitter followers and money for her campaign.


If you’re referring to yourself as brave, it’s usually a signal that you’re anything but brave. You’re obstructing the vote because you know you will lose. You’re throwing a tantrum, running off on a vacation on a chartered jet with Miller Lite, and then hurting who knows how many other people in the process by spreading a virus. Brave would be facing the music and not lying about the bill, but trying to actually do your job and work it out with the Republicans. But Democrats have given up doing their job for just doing political theater to jack up their base. It’s not going to go over well with anyone else.

Further funny? Even though she pleaded for followers and doubtless Democrats have encouraged it, she’s still not to 50,000 that she asked for.


Some even posted links for her opponent, who likely just got a boost from all this stupidity by Beckley.



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