Psaki Answer on WH's 'System' for Hunter Art Scheme Is So Bad, Even CNN Has Questions

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Remember when Joe Biden said that the government under him wasn’t going to have anything to do with the business or conflicts with his family members?

Once again he shows what a lie that is, as we reported, with the White House scheme regarding the purchase of Hunter Biden’s art.


People raised questions about the fact that people could anonymously buy art from Hunter, and the public wouldn’t know who might be funneling money to him through this method, potentially buying influence thereby.

So, what did the White House do? Instead of staying away from it as they had promised, they actually got involved with constructing a deal. You heard that right. They actually dedicated White House resources to constructing a deal to make it more ‘ethical,’ which is a conflict in and of itself. Now, they actually own all the bad things that could come out of it — because they’ve endorsed this scheme.

Listen to this from Psaki, it’s classic Orwellian bull crapola. They’re going to provide quite a level of transparency. By not letting the public know who the buyers are.

Psaki talks about Biden’s “child.” Um, the “child” is 51 years old. I suppose art is a better profession than being a money dude for Daddy. But, the problem is who determines what an out of market offer for Hunter’s art? He’s already had insane numbers quoted for the art — from $75,000 to $500,000 — which is already completely out of line for a first-time showing for a new artist, as we observed.


When even the Obama ethics guy, Walter Shaub and CNN know that there’s a problem here, you may just have stepped in it. It’s a “perfect mechanism for funneling bribes to [the] president,” Shaub says.

Shaub still can’t help taking an obligatory shot at President Donald Trump, because he’s a Trump hater. But he does completely skewer the problem. “They’ve absolutely made it worse,” Shaub said about this arrangement, ensuring the public doesn’t know but not preventing any buyer from telling Hunter or the White House that they bought the art.

A “system has been established.” You can say that again. We saw it had already been established, with Hunter giving access to Daddy to people with whom he was doing business.



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