Biden Hosted Son's Business Associates in His VP Office and That Wasn't the Worst of It

We’ve reported before what a lie it was that when Joe Biden said that he knew nothing about his son Hunter’s business or business associates. That indeed, Joe had met some of Hunter’s foreign associates, that it appeared they used Hunter as a conduit by which they could actual make that connection with his father.


But it isn’t only that Joe Biden was lying when about not knowing about his son’s business, contrary to what he said.

According to the Daily Mail, Joe Biden actually met with some of them in his vice presidential office, as Hunter Biden’s laptop reveals. Joe flew Hunter and one of Hunter’s business associates, Jeff Cooper, on Air Force 2 for a meeting in Mexico City in 2016 for a ‘flippin gigantic’ business deal. Emails even indicate that Biden met business associates of Hunter’s in the White House.

So it looks like Joe, himself, was actually using his office to aid his son’s business deals.

From Daily Mail:

Hunter and Biden family friend Jeff Cooper hatched a plan in 2013 to invest in multiple businesses in Mexico and Latin America, using their relationship with the Mexican billionaire Alemán family whose late patriarch, Miguel Alemán Valdes, served as president of Mexico.

Cooper, an attorney who worked with Hunter’s late brother Beau Biden on asbestos claims cases and donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Biden political campaigns, was particularly excited by the venture’s prospects, writing to Hunter in February 2013: ‘This is setting up to be flippin gigantic brother.’

The prospects for profit only grew when Hunter joined the board of Ukrainian gas company Burisma the following year.

He and Cooper sought the help of Valdés’ grandson, airline CEO Miguel Alemán Magnani, to forge a relationship with the richest man in Latin America, Carlos Slim, in an attempt to cash in on the privatization of the giant state-owned oil company Pemex for Burisma and themselves.

While Hunter and Cooper were working on their business plans, they managed to get the billionaires Slim, Velasco and Magnani a private ‘meeting’ with then-vice president Joe Biden.

Hunter and Cooper attended. Photos on Hunter’s laptop dated November 19, 2015 show the six men smiling and hugging in the meeting in Joe Biden’s vice presidential residence at Number One Observatory Circle, Washington DC. Emails also show the billionaires met with Joe at the White House. It is unclear what, if anything, Joe Biden discussed with the Mexican billionaires at their meetings and phone call.


The emails indicated there may have been more White House visits involving the associates and Hunter even asked for White House photographer for copies of the pictures taken of the White House-Alemán visit. Jeff Cooper even asked if he could get signed copies (presumably Joe signing them) for the Mexicans.

One email from Hunter to Miguel Alemán Magnani really showed how Hunter and Joe were using office of the Vice President.

‘I’ve looked at what your family has done and want to follow in that tradition and you always say you will help but I haven’t heard from you since I got you a mtg for Carlos and your Dad.

‘We have been talking about business deals and partnerships for 7 years. And I really appreciate you letting me stay at your resort villa…but I have brought every single person you have ever asked me to bring to the F’ing WHite House and the Vice President’s house and the inauguration and then you go completely silent – I don’t hear from you for months.

In other words, Hunter’s saying ‘I got you what you wanted,’ now why aren’t you coming across with what I want?

Exactly how unethical is this? Because it sure looks like Joe was using the office to benefit his son, with the benefit to the associates of saying they get to meet the Vice President and have that picture with him (and so pump their own power).

Meanwhile the White House has ignored the Daily Mail’s requests for comment on this huge story, no doubt hoping they can just continue to ride it out, with the American media largely ignoring the story.



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