Biden Again Can't Even Respond to Another Simple Question Without Notes

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

There was what some have called the biggest global ransomware attack ever, affecting thousands of businesses around the world over the holiday weekend.

As we reported, Joe Biden was in Michigan at a farm store buying pies, when he was asked if the thought the Russians were behind the attack. What was troubling about his halting stumbling response was that even with how confused and short it was, he needed note cards to even get out that much, despite just having been briefed on it.


So what was the mainstream media’s response to what was a pretty troubling story? They failed to even note it or comment on it. Instead they reported on what kind of pie and ice cream he bought.

Today, he seemed to have the same problem when asked if that ransomware attack “rises to the level of retaliation?” Because although Biden refuses to admit it, even the media gets what’s going on.

You can see once he realizes it’s about Russia, he immediately has to refer to notes.


“I can tell you a couple of things,” Biden says. “I received an update from my national security team this morning. It appears to have caused minimal damage to U.S. businesses but we’re still gathering information to the full extent of the attack and I’m going to have more to say about this in the next several days.” “But that’s what I can tell you now,” Biden said. “I feel good about our ability to – uh —-” and then he fails to even finish the sentence and explain what he feels good about. Why isn’t he able to even complete his sentence about what he feels good about.

Again, just as in his comments over the weekend, it’s basically a very simple short non-answer response, despite the fact he says he was just briefed on it. So why did he need notes?

It’s a pretty important story, not only his halting, stumbling, note-reading nature of the responses, but why he doesn’t say he’s taking any real action against Russia? He wouldn’t even point a logical finger at them or even say he’s holding their feet to the fire to stop it. He refused to nail them with it after Colonial Pipeline or the JBS attack, so now we have this, with REvil, the Russian connected group believed behind this latest attack, demanding $70 million in ransom. If they get that, they will be able to do even more.


At what point is he actually going to do something to stop what’s going on here? One has to wonder when he can’t even call it out for what it is.


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