Biden Response Lacking as Russian Group Issues Huge Ransom Demand for Biggest Global Cyber Attack Ever

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

As we previously reported, there was a huge ransomware attack over the weekend, affecting thousands of businesses around the world.

Reports are now calling it the biggest global ransomware attack on record. CEO Fred Voccola of the breached software company, Kaseya, said that it was mostly affecting small businesses like “dental practices, architecture firms, plastic surgery centers, libraries, things like that.”

The group behind the attack is believed to be an affiliate of the Russia-connected REvil gang. They are now offering a decryptor software key to resolve the issue if they are paid $70 million in cryptocurrency, according to a posting on their dark website.

REvil is also the group behind the JBS Memorial Day cyberattack for which they got $11 million in Bitcoin.

What this shows is how little Vladimir Putin actually cared about the “warning” that Joe Biden gave to him in Geneva last month during their meeting. At that time, Joe Biden gave him a list of entities that should not be hit by cyberattack. That was a strange thing to do, given that everything in the U.S. should be considered off-limits, not just some things. Plus, giving a list of the things the U.S. considers as important is basically giving them a list of things they can hold you up over, like giving a “what to target” list.

Joe’s “warning” doesn’t seem to have worked out there. It didn’t seem to stop this from happening again and it doesn’t seem to have prompted Russia to take any action to stop it.

But despite the information that it was REvil, Biden said “we’re not sure” it was the Russians, in response to a question from a reporter about the attack and the Russians. But even for that simple response, he needed to resort to note cards.

“We’re not sure it was the Russians,” Biden responded to a question about the attack. “I got a brief as I was on the plane. That’s why I was late getting off the plane.” Media didn’t report about the note cards, but they did report about his pie choices and his ice cream choices.

It’s this kind of weak response that’s just going to continue to prompt more cyber attacks. The U.S. already should have been shutting REvil down if they knew they were behind JBS. They should already have been going full-bore on Russia, not talking nice and delivering lists. Biden should have denied Putin a meeting unless Putin shut them off. Of course, Putin’s just enjoying this. He’s testing Joe and Joe is failing.