Media Embarrasses Themselves Slobbering All Over Biden's Ice Cream Choices in Michigan

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

As we reported previously, Joe Biden went to King Orchards farm store to buy some pies during his stop in Michigan to sell his infrastructure plan.

While there, he was asked about the colossal ransomware attack and he claimed that “we don’t know yet” if the Russians had a hand in it. Because if he acknowledged that they very likely did, he’d have to admit his warning to Vladimir Putin was a huge failure, that Putin tested him and he failed by not holding Putin to account. But even for that brief response to the question about the attack, Biden had to resort to note cards. It just showed how far gone he is.

The reporter who asked the question didn’t note how crazy pulling out note cards to answer that question was. Media didn’t even report it as a problem. They were focused on the important things. Like what pies he ordered and what ice cream he was ordering in Michigan.

When he got to Moomers Ice Cream, they were all in on that, getting the flavor and the two scoops down.

He was literally shoving the ice cream in his face and what looked like one of the Secret Service guys was like ‘really?’ He was probably hoping he wasn’t going to have to save him from choking the way he was eating it.

Imagine what they would have done with that shot of eating the ice cream if that had been President Donald Trump? We’d be hearing what a greedy pig he was. Now it’s just endearing.

Even without that picture, notice how different the coverage is now on Biden’s ice cream compared to that of Trump, when Trump wanting two scoops was evidence of him being selfish and juvenile.

Have to give it up for this hero, however.

Now, I get that their mission is to just serve up softballs to this guy and smooth over all the negatives, to present him as the pleasant non-threatening old dude who just eats ice cream and loves everyone. But this is getting embarrassing. This isn’t journalism, this is stenography. It’s press release writing for this old man. Your job is supposed to be questioning and holding people in power to account, not being Democratic operatives. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.