Media Gets Stomped Into Next Week When They Go After DeSantis Yet Again on Building Collapse

AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee

We’ve spoken about the media’s twisted fixation on demonizing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis because they see him as a very powerful future Republican candidate for president.


We saw the Washington Post’s Hannah Dreier promote a patently false claim about DeSantis’ response to the Surfside building collapse to suggest that he wasn’t getting federal help there as soon as he could. It was such a horrible lie even local Democrats weighed in, calling it out as false.

But Dreier wasn’t the only one out there trying to politicize a tragedy to take a whack at DeSantis.

Case in point, this character who clearly has no conscience, Ken Klippenstein of The Intercept.

Here he is trying to suggest there’s a relation to DeSantis talking about deregulation in 2019 and the building collapse now.

But DeSantis’ press secretary Christina Pushaw was having none of that.


“Disgusting,” Pushaw tweeted. “First responders are risking their lives in fiery rubble to find missing people, & Ken attempts a political dunk. DeSantis wasn’t Governor when the building was built or when concerns were raised—& NO past Gov would have been informed of this building inspection.”

In other words, there’s no way it had anything to do with DeSantis, so imagine how gross it is for Klippenstein to try to use the deaths of people like this.

He had further obsessive tweets that she busted too.

He continued.

But Pushaw completely finished off Klippenstein’s ridiculous effort with this.


In other words, the deregulation discussion didn’t even have anything to do with building inspections or anything even remotely related. It was about occupational licensing reforms. So it had nothing whatever to do with the collapse. But shh, reality doesn’t matter when the left is on a roll.

The problem, of course, is these folks are completely unprincipled hacks. They don’t about truth or reality. They don’t care how dirty they play, even using tragedies. Then people on the left tweet the nonsense without understanding how false it is.

Meanwhile, while these media types have been focused on trying to attack DeSantis, DeSantis has been focused on doing what he can to help the people who are suffering from the building collapse in Surfside. Maybe they could learn a lesson from him about priorities and doing the right thing.


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