Even Dems Are Now Busting the WaPo Journalist's False Claims Against DeSantis

Media and folks on the left have been spreading false claims about the response to the Surfside building collapse by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Perhaps the worst was from the Washington Post’s Hannah Dreier, who spread a completely false story, as I previously reported.


Now, this was not true. DeSantis can’t declare a state emergency until the local mayor declares an emergency. He did so one hour after the mayor did on the same day the collapse happened. It’s probably harder to get much faster than that. No resources were denied to the folks on site. Miami-Dade County Mayor Danielle Levine Cava said “the state of Florida has been here in force” and that “we have not lacked for any support.” Mayor Charlie Burkett of Surfside said “the state of Florida has been here in force” and that “we have not lacked for any support.”

Jared Moskowitz, a Democrat politician who recently served as Florida’s Director of Emergency Management also blasted the claim by Dreier.


First responders were immediately there and DeSantis was there, as well, responding on the morning it happened.

Even the White House record of the call between Joe Biden and Ron DeSantis refutes Dreier’s claim, with it saying on June 25 that the “White House and FEMA have been in close coordination with local officials throughout the past two days” since the collapse on June 24.

FEMA folks said that they were doing all that they could and DeSantis explained the families were receiving care.


Everyone is doing everything they can.

But all that truth didn’t fit with the agenda that apparently Dreier wanted to pitch. Her tweet got a lot of attention and was even liked by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). Dreier has been repeatedly informed of the truth but she’s been unwilling to take down the tweet. Pushing hate against DeSantis is more important than the facts or focusing on helping the people in need.

Meanwhile, Twitter, which is supposedly so concerned about “misinformation” hasn’t labeled the tweet going on two days now, so it continues to be shared to hype hate against DeSantis on a complete lie. That says a lot right there about what they’re really about.


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