WaPo Journalist Gets Hit With Facts After Bashing DeSantis Response to Building Collapse

AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee

How disgraceful is the continuing effort from those on the left and in liberal media to find something with which to bash Florida Governor Ron DeSantis?

The effort has now reached the vile stage when they will even use the Miami building collapse as an excuse to, falsely, go after him. More than 150 people are still missing; one would think that should be the main concern of any journalist covering the story at this point. But, apparently not.


Here’s a Washington Post journalist spreading absolute bull about the situation and DeSantis.

But, the problem with this is that it just ignores reality and the facts.

The way the process works is that the local government has to declare an emergency, and then the state can react, which DeSantis immediately did, once the local mayor acted. DeSantis declared it an emergency within an hour of when the mayor did. It’s hard to get much faster than that.


You can also see DeSantis on the Florida disaster website, talking about the FEMA help the following day, on June 25. He also immediately responded to the site on the morning of June 24. Of course, there was immediate massive local help and first responders there, so it wasn’t like they were lacking help in that time.

This tweet then from the WaPo “journalist” on June 26 is after she should well know that DeSantis had issued an emergency declaration and after FEMA had already responded. But it’s still up now on June 27 at 12 p.m. EDT, as though it had any relation to reality. And it’s still being used to hype DeSantis hate, which clearly was its purpose. She’s been tweeted at with the facts by multiple people, but that appears not to matter.

This is just disgraceful that this tragedy is being used in this way, and it’s probably an indication of what we’re going to see for the next three years from media. Anything that even comes close to Florida and could be perceived as negative is going to be tagged to DeSantis — regardless of the facts.



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